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Hi, my name is Ryan Hollister. I’m a 25 year old musician/vocalist from St. Peters, MO, and I am looking to form or join a new rock band as a Lead Vocalist, Bassist, or Guitarist. Please see below for full details.

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I'm looking to form a new band or become a full member of a newer local band within 100 miles of St. Louis, preferably. Ideally, the band I'm aiming to be a part of will write original songs and have a unique/creative sound with a foundation in modern hard rock.

But I'm hoping we could be open to incorporating other genres like hip-hop, rap, electronic music genres, or anything as long as the overall sound we come up with is tight, polished, and cohesive. Lead Vocals, Bass, Rhythm Guitar are the types of positions I’m looking for right now.

I write music individually now, and I want to be in a band that will have a heavy focus on writing original songs. But, I'm also super open to playing plenty of covers, especially if we gave the cover our own spin.

The performance role I end up having within the group is open for discussion or determined by necessity if I join a group. I will be honest and say I'd love to sing lead vocals although bass is my greatest skill set, but I have no concerns about any role I play

Personality wise, I’m a laid back individual without much of an ego, and I am personally aiming for the best overall band chemistry and creative output. I’m very dedicated when I put my mind to something, so I want to mesh with people with at least a somewhat similar disposition, i.e “no BS drama”.

Overall, the most important thing for me in a band like this is to create one hell of a musical experience that leaves people wanting more.

I have 13+ years experience playing 100+ gigs of live music and some limited professional studio work and still practicing at home recording. My experience covers a broad range of musical roles on stage and even some off stage tasks like setting up stage lighting, live sound mixing , and of course setup/tear-down of stage gear. I even had one experience as the leader of youth music program I started where I managed an entire 6 month process of concert planning, coordination, budgeting, advertising, and then performing . I’m definitely not an expert on all the production aspects, but I love to learn it all.

As far as my actual gigging experience, I've been a member in a cover band that played bars, parties, and weddings.(age 14-18; Bass). I also played in one Christian Rock band (age 14-16; Bass) that played paid gigs often. Both had some different traveling shows, but they were never more than 300-400 miles away. Typically, this travel would be like traveling Thursday night and playing Friday and Saturday before going home. Both of these bands were the most "professional" band experiences I’ve had. We even had a specific person outside the band to organize and setup gigs, manage revenue distribution, etc. Unfortunately I haven't gotten to do anything like this since I was 18, due to some unplanned events at that time. But, I’m really hoping this band can do traveling and maybe make some extra cash while having fun.

For the last 7 years since being done in paid bands, I've been consistently involved in performing in church worship services and other church related things. I've moved 4 times in these 7 years, so it was at 4 different churches. During my time at one of these churches I actually formed a youth band consisting of 14 kids from age 12-17. This experience is where I learned more about sound engineering, event planning, and the other off stage skills.

Also, I’ve intermittently performed some small things sporadically. Most of my on-stage time is rocking a bass guitar. However, I've have been on stage as a lead/background vocalist, lead/rhythm/acoustic guitar, and some auxiliary percussion instruments (e.g. cajon, conga). Any one of those instruments/singing I feel confidently capable to do for live performance.

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Over 100
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2-3 times per week
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I know this will sound super cliche or corny, but I really do consider any music I hear to be an influence, at least in a general sense. I don't really aim to emulate any one group or band or genre. But if I had to give some kind of answer I would say I am influenced by adult alternative and modern rock from 1985 to current. I only say that as I’ve been working on my vocals a lot lately. However, I really LOVE funk music and anything that has that perfect groove.

Victor Wooten
Japanese bass players (never heard one I didn’t like :p)
Many other bassists really... too many to count

Blues, Southern Rock, Contemporary Christian, Indie, Hard Rock songs played in acoustic arrangements

Lead and Rhythm:
Blues, Contemporary Christian (lots of fun reverb and echo tricks there), improvisation. Partly I’ve been trying to study some real jazz chords for some new improv techniques;


My strongest vocals are the somewhat gritty rock Baritone vocals (e.g. Stone Sour, Seether, Stone Temple Pilots, Five Finger Death Punch) but I can also go to some pop/punk style Tenor range stuff depending on song key. (e.g. Jimmy Eat World, Matchbox Twenty, Red Hot Chili Peppers)

My major strength as a vocalist is that I've learned to control the timbre of my voice really well from smooth to rasp to metal screams. I feel like I have a versatile range in that sense.

Songwriting: (Disclaimer: These are just my opinions. I'm not saying that they are right or wrong.)

Lyrically, I think lyrics need to express something real and not contrived for the sake of outputting another song. Also, they need to contain more than just the hook of the song. Like it drives me nuts when the verses and choruses have NOTHING related to each other. I'm not even claiming that the lyrics have to be serious or have any intellectual or emotional depth to them, but I really don't like songs that are just like the same chorus over and over and over and over. I feel like I hear a lot of this in songs today. To be clear, I don't think the lyrics have to make sense at face value to the listener but they need to mean something to me as a writer. (just a personal opinion.)

To end with a positive point on lyrics, I really enjoy the almost puzzle like aspect of realizing what a song's lyrics meant to the writer at the time of writing. There is never any true way to confirm if you are right or wrong about it, but in my experience, I've grown to appreciate artists more when it hits me that they could have written a specific lyric to have multiple interpretations simultaneously.

Instrument experience:

Vocalist - Baritone:
Rhythm Guitar:
Acoustic Guitar:
Bass Guitar:
Vocalist - Bass:
Lead Guitar:
Background Singer:
Vocalist - Tenor:
Other Percussion:


1. American Standard Fender Jazz Bass
2. Epiphone Les Paul Guitar
3. Sennheiser 935 Dynamic Mic
4. A few Shure SM57 and SM58s
5. Breedlove Acoustic Guitar
6. Meinl Brand Cajon

1. POD500HDX
I have used it for any of the above instruments depending on what sound I’m going for.

None at the moment. Been using USB interfaces and headphones to practice.

However, I can be ready with a gig quality rig immediately once I get a call for interest in playing. I sold what personal setup I had before I moved to Missouri in May 2018 due to storage issues.

Pro Tools 11 Software
Ableton Live Software
iRig Pro USB Interface
(1 XLR/TRS input, ***it can also be used with iPhone or iPad, so it’s recording ideas that may happen spontaneously.)

FocusRite 2i2 USB Recording Interface (2 Channel XLR/TRS input, 2 Channel 1/4” TRS Output) *** with its 2 inputs, this could be great for recording practices or even gigs by routing the Mains or an AUX mix to the USB interface).