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Lemme start off by saying this, me, moving to Atlanta a year ago you'd think there'd be hella musicians- guitarists, drummers. NADA! I've been to all sorts of places in Atlanta. No one plays! The point is that I'm using.....................................the internet... to find other musicians. Which is kinda embarrassing, but fu*k it we're in the internet age. Might as well.

My name is Ryan, I'm 25, bass player, singer too- indie, trip hop, art rock, funk, electro, pop, porn groove, rap, reggae, shoegazing, punk, psychedelic, hippy hop, surf rock, dub, stoner, blues, reds, purples, college rock, acid rock, dad rock, grunge, soul, synth, ooh I fu*k with some jazz, electronic music.. ITS ELECTRIC! boogie woogie woogie, jam, afro punk, skater girl punk, chex-mix, rap rock, garage, ghettofab, space rock, dubtronica, folk music + folktronica, robots fu*king, protest music, fight the power, indie-pop, post punk revival, freakbeat, alternative rock, ska, emo. Those are my genres I play. don't judge you asshole.

sry not a metalhead or country fan.

One genre thats not really a genre that I do and am currently improving on is improvisation. but fu*k improve I am looking to write, record and produce music. I've been playing on and off since I was 22, but didn't start really actually playing and understanding bass guitar till last July and have played every single day since last July and that is not a lie. I work as a bartender at a restaurant in the city, pay the bills type sh*t. oh and I have no car, but I have a scooter so I'm looking to play with people at least scootering distance.

Oh and for you internet trolls and marketing ppl about to email me about possibly working for your company touring yet explain to me how unprofessional my post is, don't message me. I made this post to grab people's attention. That's how you get the job and that's how you get hired. But Im not tryna do all that. I just want to play music for fun.

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This is the part where I have to be blunt.
Im looking to play/write with ppl in there 20s and preferably with an established band that already has these:
-written/recorded music
-A band that has played at least 1 show
-Every member must have gig ready equipment(15w miniature peavey guitar amp is not gig ready)
-I refuse to play in your mom's basement
-I am looking to play with musicians that are better than me

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Honestly 2018 music. what I mean by that is new wave music. To many people on hear are like "yah we play like pink Floyd and Zeppelin" that's cool those are my fav bands, but last time I checked this isn't the 70s anymore, it's also not the 90s and it's also not the 2000s. So instead of thinking in the past I'm thinking in the Future. You have some amazing genres that have come out recently that don't say "pussy, money, weed" every 5 seconds. 2018 style/trend music like Indie Rock, Art Rock, Electro-funk, EDM house, Psychedelic Indie Rock, Trance, Jam music took on a different form, Festival music.

So as I am making this profile, I am asked what are my influences. Well this is my answer- Progressive Optimism, not the music genre Progressive, but the idea behind the word progression. My influences are gathered from my ideas of the future of music and where it will go. You cant play 70s style funk and make it in 2018. Sorry you can't. It's also the business side of me coming out and knowing how music should be played to attract the biggest audience of listeners like I'm not tryna play middle aged white people music. I'm tryna play colorful music. Creativity at it's finest.

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Fender P-bass
Ampeg SA-210 450w amp

Fender Stratocaster
Line 6 Spider III 150w guitar amp
Boss ME-80 Multi Effects guitar pedal board