Sabda Vajra


Rhythm Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboard, Piano, Background Singer, Other, Dobro, Steel guitar.


Sabda Vajra is a collision of Sanskrit words with myriad meanings in ancient text;but, here, it is loosely: (Sound/Sacred Sound) of a (Thunderbolt/Thunderbolt of Wrath/of Justice) .. So,this project too is driven by revenge...Naw..Maybe the justice due Synths that have little respect in "heavy" music aside from exploratory flights of fancy, indulgent ambience or masturbatory, technical mind-fu*ks. But, SYNTH and KEYS DO also make occasional showings as invaluable for their breadth of emotion in dreamy, melancholic songs w/ large dynamic space; easily going from oppressive, buzz-saw wail to trembling ethereal whisper...
Brian Hagman (Black Lamb, IL Cattivo) & drummer Justin Jones (Girth, Swami) liked those cinematic, ebb and flow departures on the records they loved: Songs of mourning, redemption, loss and mostly of HOPE seem few and far between in today's musical landscape (except pop break-up songs and laments played at the funerals of our loved-ones.... And, well, we weren't about to do some fu*kin' pop break-up songs... )
*SO, Sabda Vajra is an attempt at capturing the soulful, dark, heavy, usually jubilant, always spiritual music that gets lost amidst the bombast and, reliably pulled out when your dear friend O.D.s. or your lost love moves on...
"Songs aren't sad, the times are... "-unknown

We come from a mostly underground metal/punk background, but, have experience in and appreciation for many genres, and all that entails (except maybe "hair-metal"/"cock-rock"/"radio-rock") ...And, although "power ballads" might be a fitting descriptor of some aspects, we aren't really trying to spike teen-pregnancy stats either.... So, for brevity and a thumbnail glimpse I say it's "Gothpel" music... Because, I think we take our cues from the Americana/Blues/Rock and Roll tradition while using some of the dark , dissonant, unsettling tones extrapolated by Goth, Dark Wave etc).
Synth/Keys might be an unorthodox basis for "hard rock", but, we aren't leaning into "Prog"; this is trying for primal, visceral, rebellious music that has the delicacy and nuance of an electron-microscope and still might bludgeon you over the head with it like a Neanderthal defending his/her cave.

*See "INFLUENCES" for a few "Gothpel" adjacent examples that inspire us and we hope to evoke even a minuscule trace of in substance...

"When every single word makes sense
Then it's easier to have those songs around
The kick inside is in the line that finally gets to you
And it feels so good to hurt so bad
And suffer just enough to sing the blues...
when all hope is gone...sad songs say so much"
-Elton John (valid point in perhaps the worst Elton John song imo... Sorry mom... and Elton)

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Aug 05 2019
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2-3 times per week
48 years


1) Inspired by:
Led Zeppelin-No Quarter, Dazed and Confused, Dancing Days
Black Sabbath-Changes, Planet Caravan
Procul Harum- Whiter Shade of Pale
Rolling stones-Heartbreaker, Angie
David Bowie- Rock n' Roll Suicide, Ziggy Stardust
Prince & The Revolution- Darling Nikki, Purple Rain
Black Flag-My War, Process of Weeding Out
Vanilla fudge-Keep Me Hanging On
Mother Love Bone-Crown of Thorns
Sonic Youth-Titanium Expose
Wendy Carlos- A Clockwork Orange
Lana Del Rey-Born To Die, Summertime Sadness
Metallica- Fade To Black, Sanitarium, One
2) Fans OF:
"GRUNGE"/grunge-era alt-rock, The Knife/Fever Ray, Pentagram, Tool, Black Sabbath, David Bowie, Sisters of Mercy, New Order, Procul Harum, Howlin' Wolf, MC5, Nirvana, Blue Cheer, Goth, Nick Cave, Neurosis, Swans, Joy Division, Soundgarden, Pink Floyd, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Chelsea Wolfe, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Gordon Lightfoot, Johnny Cash, Aphex Twin, Rick Rubin, Samhain

Members Of Band

Brian Hagman( synths, electronics, sound design , VOX)
Justin Jones (acoustic and electronic drums, triggers, vocals)

YOU!-Bass? Sequence? Steel Guitar? Electric Piano? Cello? Guitar?

Interested in collaboration? INsTA is Box_Pine_Hobbyist and.... FB is Brian Patrick Hagman ..... OR .... Leave a comment w/ 'Tube channel/vid..


Full PA, Yamaha 32 ch desk, Logic Pro 9, Cubase 8, Nuendo 7, TAMA rack kit, assorted acoustic drums, Roland Vdrums,Hardware Synths include Casio XWGS, Roland JX-305, Fantom FA, Korg Microkorg, Alesis Micron, Quadrasynth,assorted midi integration hardware.. Amps-RolandMD100, Crate 160x, 140x, Sunn StageLead, many small combos