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I am currently 18. Right now, and for the longest while,I have been wanting to form a band.I am searching for worthy band members who
play with skill
have an ambition
love their instrument
take their future, music, and professionalism seriously
Are friendly and welcoming people.
Creative, fun, and agreeable.
Are around my age group, however anyone older can help lead the future band and move faster.
(Btw, I am not a talkative person, i just want to make sure that nothing goes left unsaid.)Getting back to the point, I tried searching for people at school, but people there have little interest in music and having a future in it. Guitar Center and Sam Ash are great places to check out too, but, based on how far i am from them, I have no transportation whatsoever. However I have played and rehearsed for numerous gigs and events with the school's jazz and funk band; and would play for church services whenever called for in an attempt to perfect my skill, have fun playing music, and earn some cash on the side here and there. Despite this, I am a lone musician with a drive to make it big in this world someday; and often get upset with the amount of time, skill, and creativity being wasted day to day. So, with high hopes, I signed on to this website to find someone with my same drive and determination. I started playing guitar around 2012 or 2013, if i remember that right, i just picked back up singing in 2009. i picked up bass and drums at the start of my freshman year of high school; I am now a sophomore(10th grade). However DO NOT let this time fool you, I learn incredibly fast and I am a very persistent person when dealing with music and have already adapted much skill with the instruments I play and still have much to learn. If you have any concerns and would like to contact me, my email is
and my phone number is 9545887357
Feel free to contact me at any time if in need of info.
Thank You, Saitama

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Dec 25 2015
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50 to 100
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More than 3 times per week
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6-7 nights a week
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My major influence to sing and play guitar, bass, and drums originated in Japan with the band SCANDAL. This particular band showed me the magic of performing for a live audience only for the price of their enjoyment.Basically saying that they play music for the fun of it and how they make people feel. Once I've seen that, I had a sudden drive to want to do the same for people. Other honorable mentions include
*Buddy guy
*Eric Johnson
*Joe Bonamassa
*The Jimi Hendrix
* Stereopony
*Silent Alarm
*Bloc Party
*Green Day
* Stone Temple Pilots
*Yasuha Kominami
*B.B. King
*Dance Gavin Dance
* Tina Marie
*Erykah Badu
*Jasmine Sullivan
*My mother
*No Doubt
* The fall of troy
*Various musically themed anime
*Pearl Jam
*Fall Out Boy
*Senri Kawaguchi( drummer)
*Mohini Dey
*Mariah Carey
*Fleetwood Mac
*Quinn Sullivan
* He is We
*Nana Mizuki
*Wagakki Band
*Bob Marley
*Steve Vai
*Eric Clapton
(I'm sorry for such a long list, but that doesn't even cover half of em, that's just all I could think of right now.)
I play the different instruments for different reasons
I play guitar because of how fun it is and how well it can reflect the intensity of passion I have for music when I play it. In addition, I love the sound, and it clears my thoughts.
I play drums to rhythmically beat out how i feel, whether it be joy and elation or anger and aggression.It is a very fun instrument to play that can pack a punch, get you moving, and unleashes a more aggressive side of me.
I play bass because of the way it connects with my soul and how i feel at that moment. Every deep harmonious run that i may play across my four string rushes throughout my body in a calm water-like manner; and i find that really enjoyable.

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I have several guitars, I have a
*Squier custom Tele deluxe with Seymour Duncan humbucker pickups and Fender strings
*A candy apple red Squier Strat with a white pickgaurd, it has 3 standard single coil pickups and Ernie ball strings
*A classic black and white Huntington Outlaw strat-body guitar that I picked up from a pawn shop a while back. It is running with three single coil standard pickups, a five point tone switch, and has Ernie ball strings too.(This is my diamond in the ruff guitar, it has real potential to be a badass guitar, so i have intentions on fixing him up soon.)
*I have an Epiphone special model with a three-point tone switch, humbucker pickups, honeyburst finish and has Ernie Ball strings. I have to take it to a guitar shop to get it fixed though;the input got jacked.
*Lastly I have a Line 6 Spider III 120 watt stereo watt amplifier. I had a Vox Valvetronix soundboard with wah pedal. It was an amazing machine, however the power supply shorted out, so instead of buying a new one, i tried finding a new power supply, but they stopped selling that model, so i have to order a new one online.
I, for the most part play with thicker picks, as it rolls across the strings easier.