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I am a pro drummer and recording engineer for many years. I just bought a new bar in Holbrook (exit 61 LIE) and am putting together a new super-group to be the base house band here. Since I have to work in the bar I cannot be a member. I now have the guitar player and drummer, I now need keyboards, bass and lead singer. The type of music will be what most people age 30-50 like hearing when they go out these days. All cover tunes naturally from like the 70's-90's . Additionally, just so you know, I want the shows to go on early from like 8-11pm. Responsible people like to be home by midnight. We need to target the money crowd gentlemen.

This is a one of a kind opportunity for some new guys to get together and have there own space to play. I will decide who the final players will be as I can tell pretty quickly if your a master of your instrument and can provide proper backing vocals. If you don't think you can master your instrument please do not reply to this ad, just wasting everyone's time.

In the beginning there will be free food and soft drinks for the members and if you want 2 or 3 beers that's no problem. Now when a crowd begins to gather (and I guarantee you they will) then the cash will begin to flow. Probably take a month but hopefully sooner.

Please reply with your phone number, email address and attach a picture of yourself for the hell of it. Also give me a direct link to your music online.

Be smart guys, I know what I'm doing. We now have a pro PA system and soon coming is sound man, light show, smoke, stream a video live on (using boards outputs for audio quality), the entire experience.

The name of the bar is "Rams American Pub", so I was thinking of naming the band "Rams Band". I would like to play 2 shows per week. Every Monday and Wednesday from 8PM-11PM . Also we can use Sundays from 3-9PM for rams band practice if needed.

Thanks and hope to hear from you pro's soon.


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