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Looking to form (OR find) a rock & roll band in this area. I’m experienced as a frontman/vocalist and a lead guitar player. (And I’ve been in situations where’ I’ve done both.) Right now, I’m looking to see what’s out there.

I've also produced other bands and know how to put together an album, song order vs order for a show, etc.

If you’re interested, EMAIL ME: seanmusician

Players should look and have the energy of mid 30s or younger.

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My heart is n all kinds of rock. Especially what was considered 'alternative' through the ages. What i create is not dictated by my "favorite" music or influences at any given time. For me it’s a matter of sitting down with the guys you're going to play with and deciding the direction then doing it well - it's that simple.

Rock and Roll. Tight but Loose. Light & Shade.

Led Zeppelin and the Doors are two influences. My songwriting really doesn't sound like them but the two mechanisms for writing are similar. It’s more how they interact and their philosophies for creation and functioning as a band successfully. I also have others who are similar - yet stylistically different – what they have in common is that their ideas about how to approach writing, performing, and developing their own music

Creatively, I believe in the ‘Yes-And’ approach when writing or jamming with others: Going with the original writers direction and vision. I can also step in and piece together a song. I reserve judgment as a separate act when creating so everyone can be free to go with it. Later decisions can be made about what to do and what works – or if necessary, shelve it till it fits with what we’re trying to do.

Performance-wise, I’m comfortable on stage and making the unexpected work when it happens.

The more a group gets comfortable with each other, the better they can function as a unit onstage.
On recordings, I do not like the ‘wall of sound’ lifeless guitar in much pop-rock of today. Grit, unexpected things, etc bring a certain level of humanity which is what fans connect to...They don’t connect emotionally to a robotic musak approach to sound. (I’m not talking about major errors or fu*kups on a track.) I have a certain producing style and ear. It goes with my songwriting and it incorporates other members gifts once I know them and their styles. (Obviously, I write differently as a solo artist than I do with others.)


If I cannot make a $200 guitar sound good then I'm not worth my I want to be able to destroy my instrument and not cry. If I need anything more, I usually buy whatever I need for the situation.

As a vocalist, i've sang in a lot of band situations. ranges are anywhere from Paul McCartney, Jerry Cantrell, or Johnny Cash... I've been told my voice at times sound like Morrison's crooner voice but I can do bono... so, like I said, just depends on the songs and the situation - I have a big range which is funneled by the people I'm working with and the direction we've decided to go.

As a guitar player, my sound varies, sometimes I play a strat others a les paul. It depends on who I'm with and what we're trying to accomplish. Page's approach to -Producing- is a huge influence of my guitar sound & grit but I also love electronica or acoustic/folk or blues - just depends on the project and the limitations I have in it. I also jam on acoustic. So it just depends... its all about the people youre with and clicking.