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I am searching for people who are committed to playing, writing and performing music for as long as is possible (ideally, until the day we die). This may sound a little extreme, but give me a chance to explain myself. Many truly great musicians had at least one person who they worked with throughout their careers and although it is a good experience to play with many people, one may make the most of that by having a solid foundation of musicians who know you well. There is nothing like the partnership that arises between musicians who have shared experiences, learned together and grown together, both in music and in other areas of life. As a single musician may become one with their instrument, that mastery may be extended to make a group inseparable. In my mind, this is what playing in a band is all about; being rhythmically tight, on the same wavelength so that improvisational changes are anticipated by every member. A great band is not equal to the sum of is parts.
This is what I want to achieve.

I’ll tell you what I’m looking for in a musician and then tell you a little about myself. A person who enjoys listening and playing any kind of music simply for the joy of it, someone who views all musical forms as equal (only to be differentiated by personal taste), who can enjoy any song in the right context. Someone with a wide range of musical influences or is completely open to the introduction of new ones, who is driven to learn as much about their instrument and music in general as possible, and feels that it is very useful to learn the traditional rules of music so they can be broken with impunity. A person who is committed to practicing every day, writing or co-writing, recording and performing music that ranges from simple and standard to complex and experimental. Someone with a somewhat (read: very) balanced view of the world, who sees the all opposites as being equal depending how they are looked at, who is mostly peaceful in nature, who is unwilling to force personal beliefs on others but has no qualms about speaking their mind at the right time, is more liberal leaning when it comes to politics and social justice but is free thinking and critical.

The above paragraph also describes me pretty well, if you didn’t figure it out. I think it is important for people to have certain similarities when putting something of this nature together. At the same time, everyone is different enough that I don’t think we’ll have a problem with lack of perspectives.

I’m 20 years old have been playing guitar and writing songs for about 7-8 years,
I was the driving member/lead singer/rhythm/lead guitarist of a band I started in high school that performed originals and covers for about 4 years in various incarnations. I have always wanted to WORK as a band but unfortunately my band mates were more interested in playing just for fun and weren’t ready to dedicate themselves to this kind of endeavor. I have taken about 3-4 years worth of lessons on and off over the last 8 years including 1 ½ years of jazz guitar, 2-3 years of basic guitar lessons, a year of vocal lessons and 4 months of
basic piano. All of that considered, I feel I could be a much better musician for the amount of time I’ve been playing. Whether or not you believe in labeling a person “ADD,” “OCD,” “Bi-polar,” etc., I do exhibit the symptoms of ADD and Bi-Polar disorder. This has held me back in the past both musically and academically, but that time was well spent learning how to work with such issues. Simply put, although my musical abilities have sometimes suffered, the partnership I outline here would create the perfect situation for rapid growth.

If this sounds like you or if you don’t mind helping another musician along at times, I think we could work well together.

Also, those won’t don’t have direction in their life at the moment, not currently in
Collage or other school, or those who need a change of pace/place in their life, are encouraged to reply, as well as those with other talents skills. Those with an interest in organic/sustainable farming or related subjects are especially encouraged to reply. Ability to relocate is a plus.

I’m primarily looking for bassists, drummers, multi instrumentalists. Ability to sing
(at least a little) is a plus.

Most everything above is open to compromise and discussion.
And if you’re not interested personally, contact me anyways. You can always
Make connections.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.



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