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*UPDATE* August 8,2022

DISCLAIMER: What I am saying here is just my personal perspective in order to connect with the right musicians. It is not meant to disparage or put down anyone. Anyone who chooses to pursue music in any way is "OK" in my book.

I am trying to connect with the right musicians to interact, play or collaborate with. I am updating my Bandmix profile to clarify what I am looking for and what I am all about in an effort to meet the right people.

I would like to join an existing band, meet other like-minded musicians to collaborate with, or interact with regardless of whether or not we decide to play together.

I am a pretty good guitar player with lots of experience and nice guitars, amps and effects.

I am interested in Rock, Alternative, Blues, Classic Metal, Fusion, Progressive, Originals and Covers. The exact direction depends on the players I meet and the situation.

Cover bands have not been my "thing" for most of my playing career, but I know 75 to 100 covers (mostly Classic Rock/Alternative) and can learn just about anything (given the time) if I choose to. I am happy to play with the right cover band.

If you:
-Want to have fun playing, writing and recording music (or any combination of those)
-Believe Rock and Roll is a lifestyle (I don't mean sex and drugs), an attitude and a mindset, not just something you do for a couple of hours a week when you take off your work clothes (regardless of your job or income)
-Believe that music is art and deserves to be treated with respect and performed with passion
-Believe that age (young or old) has nothing to do with performing music with energy, passion, and style
-Believe a band should always aspire to give their best performance regardless of the size of the venue, the number of people in the audience, or what night of the week it is
-Have played more than 100 gigs in your life
-Are proficient on your instrument - not a virtuoso, not a hack. But OK if you are a virtuoso!
-Have musical ideas of your own and are willing to share them
-Are willing to participate in the grunt work of having a band, not just leave it to everyone else
-Take music seriously but don't take yourself too seriously
-Are a nice person, like to collaborate and are not a control freak
-Have your ego in check
-Understand what I am getting at here

Then I might be someone that you want to connect with. Send me a message. I would be happy to join or start a band, collaborate on original music and/or recordings or to just discuss music, musicians, the scene and life.

If you:
-Are a control freak
-Treat your band members like you treat people that work for you in your CEO job
-Think a band is your opportunity to rule your own little fiefdom
-Don't like to collaborate in a give and take environment
-Think it is OK to have sheet music stands on stage at a rock gig
-Think it is OK to perform (your favorite rock band) live while reading lyric sheets/chord charts
-Think that Hawaiian shirts and Khakis are Rock and Roll stage clothes
-Think it is good enough to just play the right basic chords, sort of...
-Think it is too much work to learn and remember songs/chords/lyrics/arrangements
-Don't do your homework before rehearsals/gigs
-Think it is OK to make the band stand around at rehearsal while you figure out your parts
-Don't respect yourself or others enough to show up on time or meet your commitments
-Think that rehearsals/gigs are just an opportunity to get drunk and/or meet girls or guys
-Have not played 50 gigs in your life
-Are not somewhat proficient on your instrument
-Don't have decent instruments and gear
-Want to join a band to be a rock star/influencer/or famous whatever
-Think you are going to "Take L.A. by Storm!"
-Are counting on playing in a band to pay your bills
-Are playing in 8 bands but committed to none
-Want to be paid to rehearse or expect gas money to get there
-Have a huge ego
-Have no idea what I am getting at here

Then I am probably not the guy you want to contact, but I wish you luck!

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