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Metalhead since the beginning of time -- styles change, come and go, metal goes thru various transformations mixing everything from the classical to electronic, vocal styles vary from the high piercing operatic to the lowest demonic screams . . . but is what's left metal? I'm a Metal Head first and foremost, long-haired freak, old but not quite dead. There's talk and there's action - It happens now or not at all. Shrumax at Hotmail dot com Hotmail

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Apr 02 2006
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early/mid 80's favorites included Speed Metal acts like Possessed, Slayer (of course), Celtic Frost, Venom, Destruction, Hallow's Eve, Cryptic Slaughter, etc. which quickly progressed into the Thrash scene of the late 80's like Anthrax, Testament, Metal Church, Overkill, Death Angel, Coroner, etc. to the Death Metal scene of the early 90's with acts like Morbid Angel, Atheist, Cannibal Corpse, Death, Bolt Thrower, Fear Factory, etc. and into the mid 90's with bands like In Flames, Edge of Sanity, Pyogenesis, Hypocrisy, etc. and then the rise of Black Metal in the late 90's with acts like Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir and way-too-many-more to name, into the extreme bands of the 2000's which have made the craziest most bizarre mixes of metal with everything from electronic dance music (nintendo metal), polka, opera, folk music, Japanese pop rock. And you can't forget Prog Metal, Power Metal, Doom Metal, Grindcore, Hardcore (RDHC) and just plain Heavy Metal!
The definition of metal keeps changing . . .

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8 piece double-bass Tama kit, Roto toms, multiple trigger/sample pads, rack system, Zildjian & Sabian Cymbals - 4 crashes/2 Chinas/2 hi-hats/1 ride/2 splashes/1 Icebell/3 Special FX cymbals, Axis e-kit base drum pedals, ddrum electronic triggers with Alesis DM 'brain', various mics, 15" wedge monitors, small PA to run drum electronics. PLUS tons of wireless set-ups, microphones, pole-monitors, computers, software ranging from Adobe Audition to Sonar to Reisen, etc.