I do online site design and coding for audio / video. One of my products is a custom music download app called the Passcode Song Downloader. .smashpen It allows musician's to preview and sell songs with CD downloads using passcodes. It can handle MP3 up to 320 Kbps and Flac up to Studio Master Quality (good for all those audiophiles and the FLAC sites).
It works as an extra pop-up page on any full domain hosted site. Once working, you will get 100% profit for song sales on cash and check payments. You can sell stickers with passcodes at gigs, or email passcodes to clients who have paid by check or any method that is setup separately like pay-pal or credit card. This app does not use a 3rd party server. It runs on your own host server so no ads in the MP3 previews. It's a nice looking full page pop-up page with album & promo pics and any color theme to match your own site.
Getting money for your music is a challenge today. The passcode song downloader that I offer could be a match if you are selling at least $250 / month elsewhere.
I charge a web page creation fee. Than all sales go 100% profit to the you, the owner of the music. No more profit sharing and transaction fees. You can always still sell wherever else you like. I am a musician and this is made for musicians.
Bandmix members can get a 50% reduction by using the code bmxsp50 in your email. That's $225 for 14 songs up to 70 minutes play in one format.
For example: If you sell your music online and earn money, you can add this method as an option for your fans: This is how much you would make from selling $500 of music:

Amazon --- $220
CD Baby:--- $260
ITunes:--- $370
Band Camp:--- $390
*** But with Smashpen Passcodes you get : --- $500 --- 100% with no commission or fees.

Nothing stops you from you selling the music wherever else you like. It is just the best deal for you to sell from your own site, once you have a sale page setup. There is no time out or annual membership. The album sales page with Smashpen can keep working for years and can even be transferred for a small service fee to another site. If you lose it for some reason, I keep a backup. Imagine you sell your album for 10 years and make even $1000 a year from sales using your custom page on your own site. You will have made $5600 more than selling on Amazon.

I looked around at the going price of adding a custom looking player to just play sample tracks. You could do it yourself from something like sound cloud. You still need a link in your website to go to your sound cloud page. That's an option. Other custom players setup to play in your own site can run $99 for 5 audio tracks or 25 a month for 200 tracks and neither of these offer passcode downloading, so you can't sell your music with these products, other than ask the visitor to email you. You still have to add the player to your website, so either you do that or pay someone probably $200 to do it. Considering all that, I think my product is a good deal.
I am a musician who writes code and this is for musicians use and benefit. I am really not making a business out of this. I know bands today are making money mostly from gigs, concerts and streaming and less from online sales. If you have enough sales, already happening, this could help you. Or if you need any other audio/video online commerce site creation send me a message.I am local to Palos Verdes and always happy to chat. -- James

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