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Greetings, the name's Tim!
Just a kid looking to jam and make some music. I've been solo all my life but I'm really looking to get involve, I'm even willing to do recording online if necessary. I love to play just about every kind of music myself and listen to all kinds as well. I'm very familiar with recording and signalling and all the knobs and mumbo-jumbo, and some in's and out's of a lot of instruments, but guitar is my main familiarity. I can't read music very quickly (TABS being an exception), but I can slowly, and I can learn songs on many instruments in that way. I am familiar well with theory, and can solo, or keep up to say the least. A little help and direction and I can do that for anyone. I love taking my own direction if someone lets me, and am more than willing to do so. Overall I'd love to be an asset or leader of a team, and make some great jams! I'm very familiar with a huge variety of music, and can definitely appreciate just about anything you can throw my way. (No Music's bad, just different) in that way, I'm more than willing to create any kind for anyone. I'm looking to start something that lies somewhere in between Bon Iver and Led Zeppelin, more precisely, something that falls in between Disco/Funk Classic Rock and Blues/Folk. Hope to catch you soon!

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I love all kinds of music, but I really am moved and want to create music that lies in between Blues and Disco (An extremely odd combo I know) anyways I've listened and loved so much. If you want to get down to the knitty gritty I'll make a top fifteen (In no order that constantly changes) Reggae Classic Rock and Folk are also in my interest
1. Silversun Pickups
2. Rise Against
3. Bon Iver
4. Led Zeppelin
5. Pink Floyd
6. Metallica
7. Joy Division
8. Arctic Monkeys
9. Bob Marley
10. The Cure
11. Katy Perry
12. Incubus
13. Stevie Ray Vaughn
14. Bob Dylan
15. Black Rebel Motorycycle Club

Most recently I began to listen to Hozier, and I really love the music and lyrics he's gotten, but I feel odd putting it on a top ten as he only has one album. I have many other interests, if you want to know them, come ask me, I probably can share something with you, or talk your ear off about some of my own.


I have a variety that is constantly changing and I plan on adding a lot more pretty soon. Currently I have
1. Epiphone Dot
2. Mitchel Acoustic
3. Dean Acoustic
4. Off Brand Bass
5. Simmons Electronic Drum Set
6. Akai MPK 52 Midi Controller + FL Studio 11
7. Off Brand Recorders
Other equipment
8. BOSS ME-Multi-Effects Pedal
9. Off Brand Violin
10. Off Brand Ukulele
11. Some Mic's (Not Many I usually record direct to PC)
12. Misc. Cords and such message me if you want to know.