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My Bandmix-ing right now is just to keep in touch with what's happening. I might someday seek a 4th for one of the current bands - or to start something new - but not now; my dance card is full :).

Audio from 1 band above. Videos from 4 bands below.

About those BandMix check-boxes...

I'm committed about playing with others, playing out, and improving... but really its all just for fun. I think I'm at right around 50 gigs if you count 'em like I do. Moderate? Intermediate? Depends on what you look at, I guess. I'm less interested in *what* we each bring to the table than I am in *how* we bring it --- and put it together!

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Sol Riverside
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Jan 17 2019
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Just for Fun
Years playing music:
Gigs played:
10 to 50


I think that how I play is probably more influenced by who I've played with than by who I've listened to.

But my hopeful listening includes Honkytonkin’, Psychedelicjams, Jazzishness, & Grassiness, (with some inevitable BluesRockin' assumed.)

When I play with someone, I guess I expect that the result will be a mix of them and me.

Instrument experience:

Bass Guitar:
Upright bass:


=: Basses :=

Englehardt EM1 Maestro w/ Helicores & Cinci Bass Cellar adjustable bridge
Realist Lifeline + K&K Golden Bullet + (Realist Copper left installed as a b/u)

Ibby AGB205 5
?Early 80s? Epi P-style 4-string
Squier Vintage Modified Jag V
Michael Kelly Firefly ABG
Kala Rumbler U-Bass

=: Signal Processing :=

K&K Trinity
Broughton Audio Always On High Pass Filter
Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver Deluxe

=: Heads :=

Zinky Supro MOFO Bass
Warwick LWA 1000
trusty backup Behringers: BX4500H & BX3000T

=: Cabs :=

2 Hartke HyDrive 4x10s
Phil Jones C8 8x5
2 Eden EX112-8s
Hartke VX410

=: Combos/Stacks :=

Peavey Tour TNT 115
Acoustic 260mkII 1x10 mini-stack
Roland Micro Cube Bass RX
Dean Markley practice amp

=: Recording Interface: =

Roland Studio-capture

=: FX: =

Sold 'em all.