If cover bands were family members, Solid Rawk would be your awesome uncle…you know, the one who visits every couple of months and regales you with stories of his travels. Formed in 2014, Solid Rawk’s five year mission is to seek out strange new worlds… to boldly go where no one has gone before, and when they get there, RAWK IT OUT!!!!!!! Don’t let their nerdy facade fool you. These guys mean business: Rawk Business.

The band is helmed by guitarist and vocalist, Theron Andrews. Little known facts: he used to jam with Jose Feliciano and took voice lessons from Toni Tennille’s brother-in-law. When he is not leading the band, he solves crimes at night as “Duct Tape Man”.

Second, there’s Allison “Fingerz” Conkel, keyboard and vocals for the band. Most people think that she gets her moniker from the fact that she is classically trained in piano and voice. Actually, “Fingerz” moonlights as a safe cracker with the Fettuccini crime family of Frisco, Texas.

Next, is Ken “Big Sexy” Graves on bass and vocals. Ken is a world-class writer in his spare time, and his latest book, “I’ve Got the Toe Jam, Who Has the Peanut Butter? A Foot’s Journey” sold 4 copies on Ebay.

Bryan Partain is the newest member of the group, adding his awesome vocals and guitar skills (along with a few sweet tattoos) to make the crew complete.

Rounding out the band on drums is Orion Quest. After reading “You Too Can Play Drums in 30 Minutes or Less!!” Orion joined the band, and the rest, as they say, is history.

While their life outside the Rawk leaves a little something to be desired, make no mistake, when the four come together to make music, magic truly happens. From Genesis to the Pretenders, from The Fixx to Fleetwoood Mac, you will always stand up and get down, when Solid Rawk plays your town!

Screen name:
Solid Rawk
Member since:
May 19 2013
Active over 1 month ago
Level of commitment:
Years together:
52 years


Rawk. The solid kind. :)
Seriously, if it rocks, has some good guitar and keys and a decent groove, we're probably into it. We want to sound great and have a good time on stage, because we firmly believe that entertaining the audience is key to getting (and keeping) quality gigs in the long run.

Members Of Band

** Theron Andrews - Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals, BG Vocals. (theronius on bandmix)
** Allison Conkel - Keyboards, Lead Vocals, BG Vocals. (allison88 on bandmix)
** Ken Graves- Bass Guitar, Lead Vocals, BG Vocals
** Bryan Partain - Guitar, Lead Vocals, BG Vocals
** Orion Quest - Drums (H D W T on bandmix)


Piles of quality gear, including our own PA & lighting. Will travel within reasonable distance of DFW for gigs.