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We are the recording studio in the sky, and a musical home for great artists looking for a wonderful retreat up in Big Bear Lake. We currently have keyboards and baby grand piano and a full beautiful premier drum kit that used to belong to one of the drummers a Black Sabbath.

Our group seeks out fantastic artists to record and play music with, and we like most every music from Tibetan Bell players, to rock and roll, and from to Folk to rap. We also have a green screen room and we do all kinds of editing. My favorite thing to edit is music videos, so that's what I primarily focus on.

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Our rates are solely based on donations. What we ask people to donate is based on their annual income. In this way people who cannot afford to get recorded have a place where they can be safe and record amazing music songs and whatnot, and people who are rich are not excluded, but asked to kindly fork up the dough! Lol! And as far as my editing rates go ... first I have to take the job.