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Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Keyboard, Background Singer.


Band originally started in Nashville, re-forming, expanding and rehearsing in Jackson. The plan is to get tight as a unit, book gigs, get tighter and then record 10-12 songs together.
All players welcome. Homework, learning the songs and set is paramount.
Email jlsemail66 at g mail dot com if interested in auditioning.
We are: a Country, Blues, R&B, local Act recording & playing live as a band, UNIQUE in our combination of all styles with our roots in good ol' Nashville country, Bakersfield country & the Muscle Shoals sound. The goal is to return to the national stage as some of us have been. We must start locally first. Step one is to find The Band

The Project: Original/Cover band, seasoned pros looking for ROCK Solid Rhythm section to accelerate our plan to entertain baby boomers who are bored with classic rock radio and especially Current Hip- Hop bro Country. We have a vision and a plan and would like to share it.

Self Funded, Self managed, we are successful entrepreneurs and we know what to do to be successful. We just need the right PLAYERS. If we need a bus, we'll get a bus. If we need a Manager we will get a manager. If we need more Gear, we'll get more Gear. But we need a great band before we do any of that and we need a GROOVIN' bottom. It's not too late to chase your dreams. DO IT!

We are currently: Frontman/Lead Vox, Sax & Rhythm GTR.

We need: bass, drums, lead/slide guitar, keyboards, bgv (female) (any other instr. feel free to email us)

WE need you to Play: 1) for the song 2) for the sound of the band. 3) for the audience 4) for your love of music and your need to make music that people enjoy.

Preferred Members age: 38-65

Gotta look GOOD, for your age and have not given up... . ..I would characterize us as: Gentleman Musicians (intelligent, refined when needed, successful, secure, smooth, unflappable, slow to anger, quick to draw) looking for Guys (and maybe gals) full of desire who love, love, love to play. Every Show, Every rehearsal is a concert and an event. No "going through the motions" bored, tired, worn out people please. You're as young as you act, feel, play!

Your image will be as important as you're playing ability but if you look the part you better sound the part. Long hair, short hair, fat, skinny, Men & Women of all RACES age 38-65 are welcome to try out but be prepared to do what you do well and look good doing it. C'mon now, Springsteen(66) and Alan Jackson(57) still look good and so can you!

Look , live and play like a star! . c'mon please, No sweat pants!! If you sit when you play (unless it's lap steel or drums), stay home.

We have the original songs (but will play yours if they're great) this is a band project. With a BAND name. We are pros at our craft.....please be great at yours. Prodigies with personality problems welcome. Be prepared to have a dozen rehearsals and then play live.

Rehearsals: Tuesdays. Wednesday and Thursday eve/nights in Midtown Jackson

Live gigs: in Jackson, Nashville and Memphis and all points in between. Not looking to play anything but fun quality gigs with purpose and/or pay.

2 sets, 20 songs. 10 original, 10 covers from eddie kendricks & Al Green to Lynyrd Skynyrd & Delbert McClinton and all points in between....gotta be able to learn at home. Homework is key.

Covers: Be prepared to stretch, you must be able to groove in all worlds. we will JAM some songs out! Be able to improvise.

Dedication & Loyalty will be key, remember that word? LOYALTY!!!

Please, if you are in 6 other projects or you need $100 to play, don't respond. If you are still chasing your dream, your bliss and you can commit to one project.....please respond immediately. We plan to make $$ but $$ comes from marketing and selling something people want, Not just filling a time slot. Work is good, paying bills is good, but not as a dream killer. If we work hard the money will come. I've seen it happen before. I promise.

The Goal: we plan to play multiple gigs and get tight as a Band a go into a number of available studios and record a solid 10 songs of material to sell and pitch to labels/distributors. More details on this to come but it's the approach of rehearsing, playing, recording and succeeding as a BAND

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Please have great gear. More importantly play great! Gear is easy, well rehearsed bands take time.