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StageShare is a visionary platform which has leveled the playing field for live music in Nashville. Although they do not know it yet, Honky Tonks and Midtown bro-bars no longer call the shots. We do. The number one objective is to provide financial stability to Nashville's musicians while giving them the freedom and flexibility to create... oh and pay them very well to do it.

I am looking for musicians to join my company. I say "join" because StageShare will be employee owned. I am looking to hire full time employees to fill creative and performing positions over the next 3 months. Over the next few weeks, I am mainly interested in having conceptual conversations with musicians who are sick of playing on stage in Nashville for whatever reason or feel that they have been taken advantage of by the music "business." I'll but coffee, drinks, whatever. The folks who support me early on with a little bit of their time and creativity will likely not have to worry about putting food on the table for much longer. I've issued stock and I am looking to share it with like minded musicians. I am very serious.

I did not put a lot of information about the company itself on my website due to its proprietary nature. I am happy to fill you in one on one or as a group.

After 30+ years of trying, I finally realize that I cannot sing or play a non air-powered guitar. So despite what many seem to think, I am not a musician. However , I have developed a unique perspective. I know what a struggle being a musician in this city has become, just trust me. Or just trust the handful of musicians that I am close with ... they trust me.

I am motivated by something other than money. Several things. There will be plenty of money to go around, but not unless I get help. So please, if I reach out... respond.

I am changing live music. I will start here in Nashville, then tell my friends in Nola, Portland, Austin and Chicago how I did it. Those places may not have the same live music problem we have... that is up to them.

Yes, the music city has a music problem. Nashville has become a city that exploits broken dreams to buy expensive lipstick and ensure the same people keep getting paid for others new ideas. I am writing a book about that. It has destroyed recorded music. I will not let the same happen to our stage.

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Enough that we will never have to beg for tips at your $hi#y bars full of tourists. Oh, and we only play cover songs if we feel like it.