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Band to Join, Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Background Singer.


Pro player for over 30 years recording, traveling and playing any type of gig imaginable. It is my passion and I will play until they put me in the ground.

Born : July 10, 1960 (Brooklyn, NY). Moved to the suburbs of Philadelphia at age 3 till age 20, Pittsburgh, PA for 32 years and now reside in Clearwater, FL (Tampa area).
Main Gig : 60 West Band in Tampa, FL (Originals and Pop / Rock), Comfort Zone from St. Pete, FL (Classic rock). On occasion still work with The Knobs on reunion shows and studio work (originals, classic rock) and sub work with The Marcels, (50's 60's Doo-whop vocal),The Joseph Sisters (Modern Country, Pop Rock), The Dallas Marks Band (Country, Country rock) and JellyRoll (B side classic rock).
Other : Besides recording with The Knobs and Lois Scott, Working with Dave Hanner and other recording work for various Pittsburgh artists. Freelance work (solo, duo acoustic shows, full band concerts, fairs, concerts, plays and musicals)
Current Location : Clearwater, FL (Tampa, FL area)
Gig Schedule: A few times a month to weekly (2-3 days per week), including studio work with 60 West, Alex Lopez and The Knobs.
Repertoire : Pop and classic rock, blues, Contemporary R & B, Americana, Modern Country, Jazz, alternative, and originals.
Instruments and Gear : 4, 5 & 6 String fretted and fretless Bass guitars, (Sadowsky, Warrior, Fender P and Jazz, Hofner, Hagstrom & Dean Electric Upright). 6 sting guitars, (Fender electric, Martin and Taylor acoustic)
Amplification and Speakers : (Mesa Boogie Engineering, Euphonicaudio, GlockenKlang, Bag End, Aguilar, Schroeder cabs and MarkBass combo).
Effects, (EBS effects and pedals, Boss, MXR, Pope / Fodera, Sadowsky, Aguilar and Line 6).
Profession and Position: Sagent Lending Technologies. (Data processing software). Director of Implementation and professional services for LoanServ, a Loan Servicing software platform. Currently for 30 years.
Years in the Music Profession: 30 plus years
Other gigs in the community : Volunteer, benefits, coaching activities.
Correspondence : Stephen.pagano55, and Linked In networks


I started playing the bass and six string guitars around age 9. After a few years of lessons I went with tapes and publications, and I am mostly self-taught. I began playing with local rock bands doing clubs, weddings and concerts until my late teens. At age 20 I joined musicians referral service and hooked up with a touring band called the Box Tops in 1981, and proceeded to play on the road performing with groups of the same era like The Grass Roots, Chubby Checker, Drifters, etc. Although they were not all of the original members of the band who recorded the hits in the late 60’s like, (the letter, cry like a baby, neon rainbow, soul deep, etc.), they were all outstanding seasoned studio and performing musicians. After touring, I met my wife, and settled down into a somewhat normal family and work life but continued to play gigs every weekend. I have played with hundreds of artists in my life time, performing concerts, private / corporate shows along with occasional weddings, clubs, etc.

As far as studio work goes, which I love I have recorded five CD's with The Knobs, also with Lois Scott along with doing commercial and TV jingles in the Pittsburgh area. In Florida I have recorded a CD PLUS with Alex Lopez at Atomic Studios and with the 60 West Band currently recording a dozen plus songs to release in 2019. I look to record as much as possible with various artists. I have taught both bass and six string guitar in local music shops and in my home for 20 plus years. The most challenging type of music I find to play is jazz. I still continue to aspire to learn all this styles of music, and become the most proficient player I can be. I am inspired by the musicians and artist I play with, my family, and the various styles of music I have yet to play.

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All walks of music. Individual musicians and bands I have played with.

Groups such as The Beatles, Sting, Paul McCartney, Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller, Larry Carlton ,Heart, James Taylor, Motown, James Jamerson, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder

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Sadowsky, Fender, Warrior, Yamaha, Taylor and Martin. Agullar, Mesa Boogie, SWR, BOSS, EBS, MarkBass combo amps and effects



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outside event @ tiki bar on St pete beach from 1-5 pm. Great venue to chill and have a great time listening to music