Vocalist, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar.


I am a 37 year old lyricist, songwriter, and rapper - in that order.

I am resurrecting an old music project and looking for people to collaborate with. I am particularly seeking a guitarist/vocalist/songwriter to complete some old demos and start writing new material.

I have a full time job and a happily codependent relationship with my girlfriend and our two cats. I'm not anxious to load my sh*t into a van to go touring, but I am open to the possibility if that's where this goes. If not, I look forward to enjoying writing music.

Please, no Republicans, religious zealots, or people who can't responsibly control their drug/alcohol use.

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Stereotype Media
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Jan 06 2014
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39 years


Whichever Rapcore band you think sucks the least.

A Perfect Circle - but definitely not Tool.

Everlast - Honestly the most famous musician I can compare myself to.

Atmosphere - My reassurance that Hip-Hop hasn't completely gone to sh*t.

I don't know who else. Listen to the demos and tell me what influences you hear.

Members Of Band

Isa "Izzy" Da'ud - It's a stage name. I'll tell you my real name if we start working together.

There was another guy that really contributed a lot to the development of the sound of my music, but he's gone off to do his own thing, and I don't know if he would want his name here. But he was the keyboard master.


An old desktop computer that probably shouldn't have survived this long.

Cubase Elements

Guitar Rig

Yamaha MOX6 Keyboard

Epiphone Black Beauty Les Paul Guitar with custom pickups.

Vox Night Train Amp

Line 6 HD500X pedal