A Ministry driven Recording Studio for Christian musicians and singers of all genres, from Gospel to Rap. Focusrite ISA 428 and Black Lion Auteur Quad preamps, Quadcore DAW running Cakewalk Sonar X1 . 2 Vintage CAD M179's with an Optema capsules, 1 CAD Vintage M177 with an Optema capsule, 2 CAD E100S mics, 2 Roswell Mini K47 MICS, 1 Electro-Voice RE200 mic, 4 RE18 mics, 1 RE-320, 2 Behringer B-5's, 2 B-2 Pro's, 2 AKG D200E, 1 D1200E, 1 D1000E, 1 Rode NT1A, 2 Shure SM57's, 2 Shure KSM137's,. 2 Oktava MK-319's, 4 MK-012's MK-102, MK-101 All Oktavas have been modded by Octavamod. 1 MJE "Fat Boy", 1 Warm Audio WA-14, 10 pair of headphones. Too many effects to count. Constantly upgrading. Just upgraded to Neve active direct boxes and Telefunken passive direct boxes.

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Jan 18 2015
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25$ to 45$ an hour for professional artist or band.

email: sitw@hushmail.com

Steve Eastway 231-709-9282