Tribute to Journey"ANOTHER JOURNEY"......................
is currently the greatest live international Journey tribute show to ever hit the stage. Established in 2011 with a live show that captures the very essence of such a world renowned band with amazing note for note power and accuracy.
Tribute to Journey"ANOTHER JOURNEY" is unsurpassed !

We focus on the "Steve Perry era,"when the original Journey rose to the worldwide success that still continues to this day With a twist ! as if Steve Perry never left the band and capture today,s show as well as their past shows.
Fans everywhere can attest that experiencing this most accurate band Tribute to Journey "ANOTHER JOURNEY"
is like watching Journey at it's best, as if Steve Perry never left the band and is a fantastic reproduction of Journey .

Rising to the top of their trade with an excellence that can only be rivaled by Journey itself as they perform all of Journeys classic hits. This show is available as a 60-90 or a 120 minute live concert performance. If you are a true Journey
fan, this is a "MUST SEE" performance for any venue or event . Once you have experienced Tribute to Journey ANOTHER JOURNEY recreates the look... the sound... and the songs known the world over, YOU WON'T STOP BELIEVING !

Tribute to Journey Another Journey Band Member s Bio......................................

Jim Adkins as Steve Perry has many years of impersonating Steve Perry under his belt and is by far the very best impersonating one of Rocks Greatest vocalist ever.
He is also known as one of the best with the identical tone and style and phrasing of Steve Perry.
Michigan USA
He began singing as a teenager, which is exhibited in his impressive range, dynamic style, and compelling stage presence.
You will always see a high energy show from this amazing front man.
Steve Valenti is by far also one of the best Neal Schon tribute guitarist in the industry with his amazing note for note accuracy and all of Neal's sounds and style as well. He is
a veteran 'A' list lead and rhythm guitarist originally from Brooklyn New York and has played with many fine artist such as Roger Glover of Deep Purple, John Elephante of Kansas, and was a premium session player in L.A. California for many years and worked with many other known national artist over the years as well.
Steve also has an extra insight to this type of show since he has actually had the honor of opening for Journey prior to starting this amazing tribute show with other projects which led to a new a found respect for Journeys talent and the need to provide a first rate and the best Journey Tribute band possible.

Jim "the Animal " is also a veteran player who can amaze and humble even the best drummers in the world. He too has traveled the world with many known artist and totally captures Deen Castronovo's and Steve Smiths amazing percussion style;s and all of the past drummers of Journey with complete accuracy.
Jim is a real power house and one of the finest players to ever take a stage.
He is also a Nuclear Physicist and accomplished multi versatile instrumentalist as well along with many hidden talents as well.

Jay Boyer a full time musician and Master Keyboardist and a has a very extensive live performance experience and has
played with many well known artist over the years, He fully captures ;Jonathon Cains and Greg Rollie's complete style, sounds and accuracy.
He is by far the best Journey tribute Keyboardist within the tribute community with many credited performances as a Keyboardist and recording artist .

Jonathon Harris from Brea southern California is the Foundation of this fantastic sound and a very essential important member. Johnny as we love to call him, is an amazing Bass player and lead vocalist as well who took on the role for us of the famous Ross Valory of Journey and performs the best precision note for note playing ever as a bassist for a Journey tribute show to
date right along with the rest of us in this band of our current Journey tribute players,and has many years of credited accomplishments.​

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Over 100
60 years


Journey live performance concerts from the past to present.

Members Of Band

Jim Adkins as Steve Perry
Jim Raleigh as Steve Smith and Dean Castronovo
Steve Valenti as Neal Schon
Jonathan Harris as Ross Valory
Gary Cordeiro as Greg Rollie and Johathan Cain


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www.anotherjourney.net to obtain pdfs