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I'm a bass player with roughly 17 years experience. I live in Charleston, WV, and am looking to get together a group of like, or at least, open-minded individuals who have a love and respect for rhythm & blues. I do feel the need to mention that I have a rather demanding full-time job that has substantially cut into my free-time, so making music has become more of a hobby. I've gotten spoiled in recent years, and have come to appreciate having a roof over my head, electricity, cable tv, and running water. So please be aware that my commitment level would not necessarily be indicative of someone viewing this as a primary or secondary source of income. Likewise, I'm not looking to feed an ego, but rather create honest, well-crafted, fun music that makes people wanna dance.

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Jan 02 2013
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Stylistically, I'm heavily influenced by the 60's-70's stax/volt/motown sound, and the bass players from that era - guys like Donald Dunn, James Jamerson, and George Porter. Thats not to say I'm exclusively locked into the past, as I really dig what some of the more recent players have laid down with Maxwell, D'Angelo, Erykah Badu, and even Jamiroquai. What I'd like to create is some kind of funkenstein child , birthed from the likes of Wilson Pickett, Soulive, and the Funky Meters. If you're having any trouble visualizing, I urge you to check out groups like Deep Banana Blackout and Lettuce

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I'm kind of a minimalist, so my equipment list is reflective of that:
ESP LTRD 204 4-string
Line 6 LD400
Palatino Upright Bass
Digitech BP200 modeling bass processor