Started playing drums in the fifth grade and over the years became involved with various school, church, wedding, and other musical endeavors.
ONCE AGAIN was the first real band that I was in. It was a wedding/ banquet band that did very well back in the late 70s. When I say real, I mean I made I lot of money in that band. Plus, I ate & drank very well.
Moving on to rock and roll exposed me to the New Jersey night club circuit, MENACE was the name of that band.That was the 80s
Moving ahead into the 90S, I did so time in a Punk Rock band called MiNOR DiSTURBANCE. Working on the first CD release with them.
I than moved on to THE SHARKSKINS. One of the top area Surf bands. We opened for Dick Dale (the top surf dude) twice. Playing under the surname Rod Bearings, I helped with another CD release. And sang lead for the first time. I rode that wave for about 7 years.
Wanting to get back into a Rock & Roll Cover band, JUST FOR DOGS is where I ended up next. Wow I learned a lot in that band. We were a pretty tight band. Playing all kinds of Rock & Roll, across many years. I was singing lead a lot more. But sometimes a band is not to be. After 3 years of hard work, and unbelievable bad luck, the light went out!
The last band I was a part of is called, SHERLOCK. After 2 years of just working on the music, we had almost 50, very good original songs ready to go. One of our first gigs was being selected to participate in a competition called MUSIC-a-LIVE! By beating out over 200 locals bands to compete. We didn't win, but we did well. We released a C.D.
Drive that Car! is the first original song written by me. I started on it while I was in JUST FOR DOGS. It did the finishing tweaking with SHERLOCK.
Update: 2019
Back with the SHARKSKINS now for about 4 years now.
Also started a new cover band called DB47 in 2017. Playing Classic Rock & Roll. Goal this time is to have Fun and be a really good Bar Band!

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