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I am available should you be in need of an experienced musician and / or singer on a temporary or permanent basis or even just to jam. My forte is singing lead vocals and playing electric bass and rhythm / lead guitar. My repertoire consists of 700+ cover songs and my own compositions. My genre consists of Classic and Modern Country, Classic Rock, Rock-a-Billy, Southern Rock, New Orleans Swamp Pop, Delta Blues, and Dixieland Jazz. Continue reading for further details.


I began playing music professionally in 1965 ... even before I entered high school. I financed my tuition & fees for high school & college by steadily gigging in New Orleans & the Lake Pontchartrain North Shore areas as well as along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I finally completed undergraduate studies in bio-medical and electrical engineering earning a BSEE. I later went on to undertake advanced studies in power engineering, control systems, optoelectronics, electronic communication and business.

My forte is playing electric bass and lead / rhythm guitar (both electric and acoustic) and performing lead & backup vocals. I enjoy playing most genre of music, but lean toward Country Music (Classic & Modern), Southern Rock, Rock a Billy, & Classic Rock (Oldies & of course - New Orleans Style Swamp Pop). Currently I play electric lead / rhythm guitar & perform lead vocals with my band, Millennium Country. We play a mix of Country, Rock a Billy, & Classic Rock, plus the occasional comedy song. I have not played the lounge circuit in a number of years, so gigs are generally just for special events & parties.

Occasionally, I'll fill in on short notice for gigs or studio work if another group is in need of a singer / guitar player / bass player or keyboard player. I suppose I perform too many gigs lagniape, but hey, this is my leisure time! Besides, as long as it's fun, it's not work, no matter how heavy that equipment seems to be getting lately! Unfortunately, due to free time constraints with declining health, I am somewhat limited to playing local venues only, so another tour or distant venue is not possible at this time. I'm not particularly interested in doing the lounge scene again and having to put up with all the drunks and brawls. (My reflexes are much too slow to duck fast enough to dodge the flying beer bottles, bar stools, and fists!)

Since my band is currently on hiatus awaiting my piano player's recovery from cancer surgery, I have time to jam at your rehearsal ... who knows, we may both learn a new lick! If you are interested, just contact me & we can work out a time & location.

Should you have further interest, be sure to check out my "Influences" category for more details on communicating with me even if you're not a paying (Premier) BandMix member.

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My earliest influences were New Orleans Dixieland Jazz and the big band music of the 1940's & 1950's. I recall a story my mother used to tell about me, still in diapers, being placed atop an upright bass and slapping the strings at a rehearsal for Tony Almerico's band (Uncle Tony was a renowned New Orleans trumpeter / band leader, and local radio DJ during the period from the late 1930's to the early 1960's.)

In my tweens & teens, I was learning to play Rock & Roll lead guitar as those mid 1960's new songs seemed to be hitting the radio top 40 almost daily. One evening at rehearsal, a parent of one of my band (The Courtyard Hangmen) members encouraged me to play something different and with that invitation, I was introduced to Country Music. I developed an interest & liking for Country Music ... I suppose the lyrics struck close to home and the simplistic musical structure made it relaxing to play. Since the Rock & Roll musicians refused to play Country Music (ABSOLUTELY NOT-COOL in the 60's), I joined a local Country group. After playing with a few different bands and many nights of performing under the belt, I eventually landed gigs playing guitar & bass (acoustic & electric) as part of the house bands for the Ponchatoula Hayride and the Bogalusa Hayloft, where I was privileged to play behind many of Country Music's big names of the mid to late 60's while they toured the area. I even did a stint on New Orleans TV in the late 60's playing bass with a North Shore Country group (The Rollin' Wheels) while backing up a local female singer. (Word of caution here, don't ride down in the elevator of a high rise with all of the band equipment unless you like free falling! Yes, I drew the short straw!)

I found myself playing Rock for the kids and Country & New Orleans Swamp Pop for their parents ... it was great being able to play something enjoyable for all listening age groups! I continued playing electric bass throughout much of the 70's with a New Orleans Oldies group (The Everyday Special) ... I sure loved the sound we had when those saxes & trumpets filled in or took on the lead!)

I sang lead vocals and played lead & bass guitar for a couple of years in the late 70's in and around the Houston area doing the lounge scene ... once again playing mostly Country Music (I think we literally wore out 'Looking For Love' doing that stint! ... 10 times a night was just too much ... even at Gilley's!)

I left Houston and moved to Pearl River, Louisiana in 1980 and soon I was playing electric bass and performing lead and backup vocals with a Slidell, La. area Classic Rock cover group (The Last Chance Band). I stayed with this group from the mid 80's until we finally disbanded in the mid 90's. Soon afterward I again began taking on lead vocals and playing bass, rhythm & lead Country Music with a number of different local bands and back porch guitar pickers in the Pearl River area. Eventually, I applied a name to a group of regulars ... hence Millennium Country was born. We performed locally in Southeast Louisiana & Southern Mississippi, but mostly just for parties and special benefit activities. However, as the average age of the group approaches retirement and health concerns are starting to show up, the desire to load and haul all that equipment around to play gigs is becoming less and less appealing. While we didn't perform public venues all that often ... when we did, we passed a grand old time! Laissez les bon temps rouler!

I have found by experience that mixing the music we play with tunes from the 1950's through 1960's Rock N' Roll / Rock a Billy / New Orleans Swamp Pop era, as well as Country Music from the 1920's classics through modern, we cover just about all genre the listeners want to hear & dance to. My repertoire is a growing compilation of more than 700 tunes & I'm always working out & adding new cover tunes as well as penning a few originals as my muse rises.

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The BandMix' Terms of Use (TOU) does not allow me to list contact information in the "Description" area (But they didn't say anything about listing it here!). You can contact me by email to {jimknoch hot mail . com} [leave out the spaces]. If you contact me by email, please be patient ... I promise to reply just as soon as possible. If you prefer, feel free to call me at my Home, (985)-863-3316 ... I have voice mail in the event I am not available when you call.

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1978 Fender F-15 Acoustic Guitar, 1965 Fender Stratocaster, 1966 Fender Mustang Bass, 1990 Casio CT-370 Keyboard, 2011 Casio WK 500 Keyboard, 1966 Kustom 200 w/ dual 15's Instrument / Bass Amplifier, 2006 Kustom PA System (KPM8420T-Powered Mixer, KPC15-Speakers and Stands, KPC12M Floor Monitors), 2014 Fender Champion 100 Guitar Amp, Shure SM-58, Shure 585SA, AKG D8000S Mic's


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