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DAM GOOD LIVE CLASSIC / HEAVY METEL & BLUES ROCK DRUMMER..,This Long Detailed Bio-Profile-Essay cuts down on waisted time for Me & You. I am an advanced player . some bio's say 25 years playing i dont count My pre teen's as time behind the pedel . I am NOT the best,i could be or could have been but never had the time to practice every day or every other, but i am NOT a booring dull wallfower drummer either. I have stage presence & personality on the throne, also when socializing & networking after gig off stage,i am NOT a midless bland metronome.Im Very inventive & intuitive with basic reliable thundering bass pedel & jazzy active sometime firecracker snare rock n roll backbone,I am NOT a heavy handed clod hopper who hides behined broken sticks & noise.When i play there is NEVER an empty fill. I have had My own Band "Red Asphault" . I ama natural born leard with humility, I can "lead" a song, a set, or band who dosnt have the groove or who hasnt jelled yet, conversly i dont over shadow a good lead singer/guitar, i play eyes closed in full groove in the zone or not at all. If You want a studio robot buy a machine. i dont care if it comes from M-Mansion or B-Marley if it makes guys in the audiance jump up and air guitar along & girls loose there inhibitions and start humping the air then i am the one laying down the backbone goove for it!!! . i do NOT solo i do NOT twirl sticks or read sheet music/tabs, i do NOT need tattoes & eye makeup to get laid !!! I AM ABOUT THE MUSIC,I am a very very nice person I am intelligent conversive social & very deep .I beleive a drummer is also a real athelete & a band brother , a bro who will cover Your ass and crack some heads if You Your guitar or women is threatened. i KNOW what it is like to be in a SoCal hardcore traveling paid band. Ive done the Wiskey & the Rocksy & a whole TON of paid party gigs. i know how to get along with diverse personalities from Satanists to Lennonists from Black & Hispanic folks to Gay & Lez peeps . i dont care who You are, so long as You listen to rock when no one is around & Your reliable and can play. I know what its like when the money is low & times are tuff in a band. why am i not rich or retierd from Rock, 1) 70's drugs (( im clean 20years)) 2) Family/Work etc... 3) Most modern metel without Video & prettyboy posers is simply BOORING . i am Dam good at writting lericks <--is that spelled right...lol. NOT melodys, i am a wordsmith,AND a very very soulful very emotional mid range classic rock lead singer with cover mimicry,modest sustain with a little hold over vibrato who can "Ring&Wrench it out" emotionaly and bring the audiance right along with Me. I am impressed by dedicated history loveing rock musicians, not music video types, i like lead guitarists who play clean, who have musicaly investigated all the greats , who do not hide behined distortion but use it & power cords to good effect who build there own equip who covet & drool over classic vintage guitars & who are just as good at unplugged acoustic in fromt of a small audiance I like bass players who play steady 1 & 2 finger bass like J-P-Jones and get into the goove "with" Me, who can also get 5 finger funky ass loud like Geezer or Flea.I like lead singers who are not premadonnas who work with the band and get into it when in a live session, I am an active participant in helping with phraseing-tempo-lericks-all round production & arraingments.I am a super sailesman i can get Our foot thru the door. I am NOT looking to full time gig "unless" We realy have something special & plan on 2nd stage at OzzFest, otherwise i am happy to play P/T & drive down the mountain to west LA & sit in on gigs and jam on a reliable monthly basis.There are other drummers out here with much faster hands & chops, or better looking with 3K$ sets , flameing hair and full tat sleaves BUT i have a little of ALL the basic ingrediants baby
Me & My young wife are Bikers We like Biker& Punk Dive Bars,Hollywood S&M Fetish clubs, We also like small taistful coffee shops & open mike nites at small nite spots, We both do NOT smoke 420 or cigaretts but dont give a dam at all if You do.

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B-Rich J-Bonham M-Mitchel I-Paice N-Pert B-Ward J Grohl-& MORE.I cover the 60s up to Now. Influenced by "Live" repete "Live" classic Hard & Blues rock aka #1 is Zeppelin #2 Sabbath-plus the Who-DPurple-Hendrix-Metalica-Vhalen-Kiss- AC/DC up to Cramps-Nervana-Tool-CilliPeppers-BlackLabeProject-RageAgainstTheMachine-& More. Bla Bla Bla write for more info


Ludwig 6pc natural wood maples,double bass pedel, 4pieste cymbals.