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Golly! Does anyone record anymore?

Everybody here seems to want to front a band, playing and performing gigs in bars or other joints that don’t even necessarily *want* Bands anymore, and certainly wouldn’t pay you for the effort. I’ve done that previously in my life, and at this mid-COVID world, I'm tired of the lone drunk at the bar shouting “Free Bird” and projecting his infectious spores, I have no desire to continue that paradigm.

I’m seeking a vocalist / recordist for virtual, remote collaboration / duet work, recording, until the Vaccine arrives to the likes of such as we. Then, we could re-assess, depending on circumstances. Female vocals preferred, but I’m not too-picky at this point… just looking for someone who has some motivation and spunk to co-create some music to help celebrate our still being alive.

If you don’t play an instrument, that’s okay too. The essential things are that:
1. You have a voice, and can use it
2. You have a day-job, right now, that supports you (‘cause for-sure, there are no bucks in this venture in 2021!!)
3. You have the ability to record vocals, such that you end-up with an MP3 or a WAV file of just your voice, as-sung along to a backing track.

I’m open to any ideas, and just-about any genre. I don’t do Urban rock, Rap, or Opera very well – fair warning. I’ve fronted, oh, about nine bands in my life, from Punk to Power-Pop, Classic Rock, and Classic Country. I’ve been Rhythm Guitarist / Backing Vocals in seven more. 312 gigs total, as best my Journal accounts. In 2019, before this nightmare started, I played an additional 60 solo coffee-shop gigs, and now I want to expand the “one voice / one guitar” paradigm. I have given-up Live Music for the foreseeable future. I'm never opposed to “jamming” (if you’re local to Lisle IL), but “band” is a 4-letter word in this environment. If God wants me / us to be heard, He and Al Gore have given us the Internet.

I have a day job, which thankfully pays the bills. I do this for FUN, and Remote Collaboration is not for the faint-of-heart, although I’m pretty stress-free. My Bride is non-musical, although she supports me in whatever I do (as long as it sounds good - she despises Goth and Punk. We have separate iPods - the secret of a Happy Marriage! :) ). No songs for this work have been written yet – hell, I wouldn’t even know what the Project was about, until we spoke. I'm developing concepts. See "Influences".

So no stress – we work at our own pace.

UPDATE 2/21/21: No, I’m not looking to date anyone (but thanks for the props, YKWYA). I mean, Jeez: BM is a Musician's forum, not a dating service!! But I also, personally, just realized it’s really kinda creepy, scouring Bandmix profiles seeking a musically-kindred spirit and recording chops, gauging only by profiles and looking for “the fire” in the eyes of the profile photos – just sayin’. Thank God I’m not in *that* racket!

UPDATE 02/27/21: This “rump end of the year” - Winter – is showing evidence of ending, here in Chicagoland. I’ve had a couple of contacts, including one nice bunch inviting me to a spring-summer “tour”… but my Day Job prevents such frivolity, even if I *did* have a shot or two of vaccine in my arm.. For now, the mojo I do will be in the studio – but thanks for the offer! :)

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My Influences are wide and varied, and encompass just about everything from 1931 to almost the present day. I think. But, in general, I like well-produced, “smart” tunes with a “nice” feel, versus angsty bitterness or hatred. That’s not to say I haven’t done those, too.

A good Song is a Good Song, and should not be defined by Genre, anyway, right?

Previous work at www.teejnet.com .

UPDATE 2/21/21: I’m in the process of Mixing my latest effort / album, Country / Western, 16 Original tunes. But so far this year, I’ve been listening a lot to:
• Emmylou Harris & Mark Knopler – “All the Roadrunning”
• Low Anthem – “Oh My God Charlie Darwin”
• Robert Plant & Allison Krauss – Raising Sand
• Jayhawks – “Smile”
… and thinking I’d like to try something in that direction. Always with a twist. I’m developing a New Genre: “Shoegraze” – picture Willie Nelson and Mary Chapin Carpenter with Pink Floyd as a backing band. :)

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I have enough equipment to sink an aircraft carrier… including a fully-equipped Recording Studio the size of a Volkswagen’s interior. And, what I can't buy, I design and build. But what good is gear if you ain't recording? If I were "Expert" at any of the skills above, I'd be Famous and Rich by now. I'm playing the Hand that God dealt me: I wanted to be a pilot. But what if my Life ends, and I've left nothing behind?!?