Vocalist - Tenor, Vocalist - Soprano, Lead Guitar, Vocalist - Alto.


I’m looking for a Lead Guitarist, male or female, with strong vocals to work with me as a Duo act.

If this interests you at all, please read on; I’ll try to provide you with enough information to make a decision (or not) to contact me. If not, scroll along and have a jolly day!

• I’m Tired of mucking-around on Bandmix. Nobody calls, nobody completes full profiles, few offer pictures… or even a description of what they’re after. I’m not bitching; that’s where Covid 19 left us. The 93+ indicted charges, although I’ve been eagerly awaiting them for years, don’t help us either.
• But, I’m still alive, despite the world around me, despite cancer, despite Dialysis. I have a few good years left in me, and want to play some more. Let’s spread some happiness.
• I’m seeking a guitarist / vocalist to assist me with small – medium gigs, charity events, whatever, as a fellow musician and as a duo.
• Covers at the start of things, but I’m open to later collaboration. I have some 200+ original songs in my locker.
• As a lead guitarist, you need not be “stellar” (I’m not!), just proficient at playing repeatable solos.
• As a vocalist, I’m seeking someone – male or female - to share lead vox and "onstage banter" with me. It is *essential* that you be an outgoing, gregarious personality.
• You’ll be assisting me in performance, using backing tracks that I’m in the process of preparing now, with a target completion date of 1Q 2024. The backing “band” will include *at least* Bass, Drums, and possibly keys (depending on the song). I have a wicked powerful JBL PRX-One line array to play ‘em through.
• I am awaiting a new TC Voice-Live Pro4 from Sweetwater, which will serve as the hub to dish out the MP3 backing tracks, my guitar (acoustic is planned), and my vocals. I have another older Voice-Live if we determine it’d benefit us – augmenting our performance, not “fixing” it.
• I’m beginning with “an evening’s worth of tunes” – 3 sets of 12-15 songs each. Covers and mash-ups. I have a rough set list, if you’d like to see it. The influences below are taken directly from this list. I am open to any suggestions you might have, although it *does* take me awhile to generate the backing tracks. They are not Karaoke! I record them all myself, at home: it really *is* a “one man band”!
• Where I need your help, is in authenticity and credibility – playing tasty, bluesy licks, vocals, and adding to the performance and the between-songs patter. I’ve assessed this from many angles: I don’t like the “one man, one guitar” paradigm seen at coffee-houses and Open Mics. My soul prefers a full band, but venues don’t want them. I’m sick of managing them… they never practiced, anyway! Since I *can* do it myself, by damn, I’m doing it. Your input would be welcomed.
• It would help if you have a place to work. My basement studio is beyond “tiny”, but I’m flexible.
• I used to do this “duo” stuff, back in the day (mid 1990’s) with my best friend, in the Wash DC area, as “The Sons of Technojah”. I’d like to resurrect that name and concept: back then, we had *NONE* of the technology we have now!! We did it with MIDI, and a decent amount of Practice! We were pretty successful. My friend walked his Rainbow Bridge in 2010, cancer, and he’s waiting upstairs with martinis. But “not I’m not done yet, not just yet!” I have since moved to Chicagoland (Lisle), and was in several random bands until Covid hit us. We were “jam bands”, versus “Bands”. There’s a difference, and it’s time to get back on the streets!

So, my intent is to finish these backing tracks between now and 1Q24, and then begin rehearsals. Expect no pay, unless we can together make a go at it – I play for the pleasure of doing so, not for fame or money. I have a good day job, thankfully.

I’m happy to answer any questions, or meet you for a cocktail somewhere just to talk. I have my vices, but none of them are severe: my work at staying on the Kidney Transplant List consumes the bulk of my attention, as does supporting my Bride and puppies. I am not a “sad-sacker”! I’ll freely-admit I am a Type-A+ personality (e.g. I’m retentive, but I try to be jolly about it!). If you’ve ever played onstage, knowing your band-mates would *absolutely, without fail* hit the right chord at the next change, you’ll understand. It’s a Good Feeling. And don’t let the “202” Area Code fool you, either; I brought my cell phone with me from DC.

If you’re intrigued, an email costs you nothing. That might be followed by that drink, or a phone chat. Either way: zero up-front investment, and maybe a whole lot of non-stressful fun!

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Influences –
• 2 or more chords that sound nice together, and some words on top. Whipped Cream and cherries are optional.
• Directly from the Set List in gestation (but there are many more):
o Mott the Hoople
o David Bowie
o Echo & Bunnymen
o Gin Blossoms
o Tony Bennett
o Jefferson Airplane
o Jim Reeves
o Johnny Cash
o U2
o Brian Eno
o Moby
o Supremes
o Radiohead
o Joy Division
o Duran^2
o Talking Heads
o Adele
o Bob Marley

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Equipment List: I don't own a Tuba. I think I've got about everything else. When I couldn't afford it, I designed and built my own (see the photos), but I still suck on my violin.

Experiment List: Right here. Life is too short not to say "hello".