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Over the years, I’ve been able to use Bandmix almost as a Blog: keeping track of what my musical projects have been. Over the years of my time and experience with Bandmix, I have received a total of 6 contacts, one of which panned out into a working musical relationship. Every 4 months or so, I do a search, starting with nearby musicians and working outward, just to see “who’s here and who might need help”. This time (May 2022), I noted some things, and thought I’d include my observations – not to be Snarky, but simply to be helpful. The information might help you make your Bandmix postings more-profitable: that’s my only intent.

ITEM 1: Bandmix gives you (whether or not you’re a paid member, as I am) a wonderful set of resources! Things like fields for:
• Your Name
• Your Photo
• Description
• Influences
• Your Equipment

…so, if you’re posting on Bandmix, why don’t you use them? Why do I see avatars with black silhouettes, and none of these fields filled-out?! In 2022, you really need to work HARD not to have a digital camera! The lack of any other information makes the barrier to contact even harder to surmount: it’s a weird world out there, getting weirder every day, and Step One is fostering Communication and Friendship. Think of this as “Marketing”.

ITEM 2: Sure, “I live for music”, and I’ve dedicated my life to it. We ALL have, or you’d never be reading this on Bandmix, right? So when I see all these profiles of people who “have given their lives to music”, but don’t have photos or clear ideas of what they’d like to do, or recordings…??? Well, I start to wonder. Yeah, if you’re young, that’s acceptable: you haven’t met the right people yet. But if you’re in my age bracket with nothing to show by now: no tracks, no photos, no descriptions, no influences… as I said, “this is Marketing”, and it just looks bad! :D

• I have finished my Country / Western album (“Your Home on the Range”) – Album #22, as of May 15th, after 2+ years of effort… just in time for a Microsoft update that crashed my website at I’ll have it available as soon as I get that tech stuff sorted-out. I can send you MP3’s if you’re interested.

• PSYCHOLOGY: I create Music for the love of creating music: I do not crave fortune or Fame. Hell: at my age, I know better. The drunk guy at the bar muttering “Free Bird” is just fine for me.

• EGO: I’ve never met a musician that didn’t have one, or that wouldn’t absolutely suck without one. It’s a Package Deal: if you need a musician, they MUST have an ego. But I can say, mine is well in check… until we start discussing “performing live for pay”. At that point, my own Ethos and fierce competitive nature DEMANDS that we work and present a top-notch performance. That means “practicing at home”, and “being ready with your parts”. Sorry: my Life is just too-short to be half-assed.

• ZODIAC: Taurus, on the cusp of Aires. The worst Qualities of both, I’m afraid. I define a target, put my head and horns down, and start trotting. God forbid you’re in the way.

• I’ve begun two additional Projects: one of David Bowie covers, and one of Pink Floyd Covers. These are “for fun”. I’ve done Brian Eno covers already: those are on my website under “Enobled”. If you record at home, and would like to be involved in either Bowie or Floyd, please pop me a note.

• I’m an experienced guitarist, mostly rhythm, with boatloads of stage experience. I’m good, but not “great”: something I’ve learned is that “if you perform like you MEAN IT, nobody really cares about that distinction anyway”. I’ve been in more bands than I can remember; I’ve had good gigs and awful gigs (the worst ones largely because band members didn’t practice!), stories to tell and cocktails under my belt. I’ve fought cancer and our decaying Nation, and I’m still walking around to sing about it, and to write more songs. Most days, Music and Dogs are all that keep me going.

• BACKGROUND: I taught myself guitar and recording and home Production and Electronics because I sing, and was writing songs, and had no band. The idea was (in the 1980’s) to “be my own band”, so I didn’t need to worry about scheduling a bunch of frappin’ Musicians, or having the Drummer hit on my girlfriend (now my Bride of 32 years). My experiences led me to write my own book: “Music: Practical Self Production: Disciplines, Experiences, Thoughts and Techniques for At-Home Music Production”: ISBN: 9798531760722. It might not be the “best” book on the subject, but it’s the best one I have found, and by-crackey, I did it myself!

• VOCALS: I’m a cross between Baritone and Tenor. I can get way down low, but not quite as low as the guy in “Elvira”. When in the right range, I can be LOUD: I once did a gig where the sound system cut-out, and a guy in the audience with a cell phone monitor (“the cops! The Cops!!”) registered me at 1.6dB at about 30 feet. I “hear” harmonies in my head, except for fourths: in all my experience, I’ve never mastered those Big Band vocal maths. I’ve sung Lead in about 80% of all my previous bands, but I love both lead and backup roles.

• I’m SEEKING anyone in the Lisle IL area, that would be interested in developing a duo, trio, or small band, for coffeehouse / open mic / fun jams / gigs, without the expectation of fame or money. Vocals / Harmonies, a couple of guitars, and/or bass or percussion… and a place to play them. Closer to home is better, both to avoid Imperial Entanglements, and because I might well be changing jobs this year. I have a solid Day Gig which pays the bills, and yields no other reason to be alive.

• I play guitar, bass, mandolin, mandocello, baglama, uke, drums, percussion, electric violin and keys: to varying degrees of proficiency, from “suck and just learning” (violin) to “pretty good” (guitar). I have all of these instruments, plus anything else needed to make ‘em work. I’d be DELIGHTED to jam or experiment, to the limits of your tolerance.

• WHY? Honestly, I’m bored. My previous 2 bands broke up willingly, on good terms, when COVID 19 came to call. We all remain friends, but everyone found new gigs and other Projects. My own personal work provides me with a lot of satisfaction, but my little studio at home (the size of a Volkswagen interior) is too small for this, and after a lifetime onstage, I miss playing live. That simple.

• GIGS: Per my Journal, I can count about 931 of them. That figure is imprecise; at age 4 I didn’t keep a Journal, but that was my first Stage experience. While not “fearless”, I am well inured to Stage Fright, and have no issues whatsoever. My Day Gig involves numerous Technical Presentations to some pretty big Companies with everyone in the audience trying to impress their Boss. If that’s a factor, don’t worry.

• MY ACCEPTANCE PROCESS: I have learned this over 40+ years of experience. There is no Hubris here, only Reality and Fairness: it sets Expectations and eliminates Bad Feelings.

a. My (and your) Time is precious. Not because I’m “all that”, but because both our lives are ticking-away, and the Factory that makes Time closed long-ago. Once it’s gone, there is no more. I haven’t been bored since I was 5 years old.
b. Gas is expensive, and so is time away from your Family. SO:
1. I’ll be delighted to talk on the phone or by email.
2. I will ask that we meet: for a Cocktail or an Iced Tea or whatever – to sit and chat and assess each other’s personalities, in a music-less setting. We both have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.
3. Critical: if you’re FEMALE or LBTGQ+, and want a friend / support / chaperone along, that is fine by me. I’ve been married 32 years, and am as far from a “creep” as you’d ever meet. I’ll bring my Bride along, if that makes a difference! ????
4. If we like the idea after that cocktail, let’s map out an Agenda, and Jam!

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• INFLUENCES for this project: Think along the lines of Emmylou Harris & Mark Knopler – “All the Roadrunning”, Low Anthem, Robert Plant & Allison Krauss… and what you’d hear on Pandora if you built a station based on them. Rhythmically-tight, controlled vocals/harmonies, and decent, punchy tunes. My own preferences sway me toward a rhythm section, but bass and drums / cajons would be welcomed.

A good Song is a Good Song, and should not be defined by Genre, anyway, right?

Previous work at .

I’m developing a New Genre: “Shoegraze” – picture Willie Nelson and Mary Chapin Carpenter with Pink Floyd as a backing band. :)

Instrument experience:

Vocalist - Tenor:
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I have enough equipment at home to sink an aircraft carrier… including a fully-equipped Recording Studio the size of a Volkswagen’s interior. What I can't buy, I design and build. What good is gear if you ain't recording? But I have no space in my house to host jams – so let’s be practical:

I have (and experience listed):
• Mics / Cables – VERY proficient at both lead and backup vocals
• Basses – I’m a very-decent “foundational” bassist, if a bit rusty
• Guitars acoustic and electric – VERY proficient at rhythm, although I am not a lead player
• Keyboards (heavy and I prefer not to road-them, so they’re out of scope) – just a beginner - very, very far from Mike Garson.
• Mandolin, Mandocello, Mandola – Beginner stage, but would love to jam with anyone learning guitar / bass / drums, just to get better!

I'm playing the Hand that God dealt me: I wanted to be a pilot. But what if my Life ends, and I've left nothing behind?!?