The Angry Carrot


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i love heavy, angry sounding music, i would do just vocals, just scraming out all of my anger and other emotions. i write my own lyrics. i like to tune down really low, my 7 string guitar is currently in drop G, and my bass is tuned with all 6 strings one full step down, but will tune to whatever the band agrees on. i do have a job so we would need to work out a time to meet up and practice regularly. i am very dedicated and all other band members will have to be, and if they are not, that will be a problem. i play atleast one of my instruments almost every day.

contact me through this website or through face book, just look up Eddie Light

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The Angry Carrot
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Mar 10 2011
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Korn, Slipknot, In This Moment, Bury your Dead, The Acacia Strain, and others.


Guitar - Schecter Damien Elite 7 string
Guitar Amp - Peavey vypyr 75 (with electro-harmonix metal muff distortion pedal)

Bass Guitar - Ibanez GSR206 6 string bass
Bass Amp- Fender Rumble 100 (with chorus and bass over drive pedal)