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The Dorie Love Project is a new band comprised of former semi retired professional players. looking to finish the line up.The band is based around one of the best female voices around.The bands blues based sound is a mix of just about every rock band you grew up with( good Bands).
Blues based but not the traditional old school blues.
This is a band with great rhythms, and scotching leads when called for.
Guitars can range from Satriani, SRV,Van Halen, Reo speed- Wagon,Sknard,Doobie Brothers, Journey, Hendrix,Extreme,old school R&B,The Eagles,

DLP's goal is to remake a few covers record them( see how the band sound go's over)( currently recording now.),then releasing the tunes via the net on all of the typical sites, iTunes, cd baby,spotify ect.
If the tunes go over well( which we believe they will) then the next step is to start writing.
Although we do not want to chase the dream any more we do want to be a very good regional band( meaning So Cal, laughlin, vegas , phoenix anything within driving distance)
We would like to play choice quality gigs a few times a month, remake some tunes,write new tunes,and see where it goes.
We are looking for like minded players with the desire to still play.
This means that you will have an open mind and be willing to compromise a bit. Also if you need a gig to pay the bills then this gig aint it. This is also not for week end warriors or garage band players (listen to the videos of the players)

If you think this may be the right situation please email us and lets talk. We are in no hurry to jump into a rehearsal place with a bunch of players. We are looking for the right players that want something long term and are willing to build it. That means putting in some real woodshed time with the band, and not coming to rehearsal and only playing a song once.

A real tight band only comes with chemistry and that only comes with time.

Please keep in mind the sound and direction of the band. We are tailoring this all to vocals first(with out great vocals you aint got $hIt)
We also can not start writing yet( that will come in time) this is where you will really be able to put your stamp on the band, even though you will still be able to do it with the remakes.
It will be the tunes that will really stand out.

Backing vocals are a plus as we are looking for that Eagles, Journey,Van Halen, Heart, and all the other great bands that have great backing vocals.
So are you ready to start the next best thing?

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The Dorie Love Project
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Mar 18 2017
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Very Committed
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Over 100
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1 time per week
49 years


Where to start. from A-Z AC/DC, Bad English, Clapton, the eagles, Journey, Pat travers, Sknard, Satriani, Van Halen, SRV, Hendrix,James Taylor,John Denver,Sting,Steely Dan,Toto, Arretha franklin,Black Crowes,Gary Moore, Reo Speed wagon,Rush,Mr. Big,Heart,Led Zepplin,Mariah Carey,The Beatles,Metallica Joe Bonamassa, Kenny Wayne,Brian Setzer,Genesis,Guns and Roses,( this is just the blues rock influence. We haven't even started on the funk, Motown, metal, ect.

Hopefully you get the idea. We are based on blues( all rock, metal ect really is)

Members Of Band

Vocals- Dorie Love, Dorie started performing at an early age, in 1989 she attended and graduated from VIT at the Musicians institute in Los Angles. After graduation she hit the road with a few touring bands playing everything from pop , rock, R&B and some old 80's rock.

In the late 1990's Dorie went back home to The Dallas Fort worth Area and joined the very notable Dallas funk band Professor D and the Playschool. Professor D was a regular live act at the Dallas cowboy home games, The Dallas stars home games,many of the top clubs in Texas, and also functioning as an open act at the old Starplex in Dallas where they opened up for numerous major acts. Dorie was voted best female vocalist in Dallas several times via the Dallas Observer. Dorie's vocal style and range can go from funk, soul, R&B,blues, to hard rock. Her versatility makes her a very unique talent.

Guitar 1 Jeff
Jeff started playing guitar in 1977 learning the typical 70's acoustic stuff first like the Eagles, Simon and Garfunkel, James Taylor, Paul McCartney,America,ect. However, Jeff quickly found rock bands like Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Rainbow,UFO, Van Halen, AC/DC.

As the 80's progressed and guitar players got better so did Jeff.
Learning all of the 80's metal, and touching on some jazz and really learning the most complicated guitarists of the era.
Studying the Git style of guitar Jeff quickly learned music theory,and really started to blossom as a guitarist.

Entering the 90's Jeff evolved into a good song writer touching on his early roots that combined great chord voicings, along with ripping guitar licks and solos.
Playing in a variety of situations( everything from a side man in cover bands, to writing, recording and releasing a few different CD's with several different bands.) Jeff has played virtually every type of venue.

Currently Jeff's style is very blues based with a mix of his vast and very versatile array of styles. Jeff can go from simple acoustics to blues, rock, funk and speed metal.

Drums- Doug Robertson

Bass- John Grande

Rhythm Guitar(guitar 2)-John Stutz

Keyboards- (your name goes here)


Vocals- Shure Wireless mikes( top of the line)
BASS- Fender Jazz Bass, Gk set up
Guitars- MESA Boogie Strategy 500,Tc Electronis GForce,Mesa Boogie Tri-Axis. Driskill and Taylor Guitars.
Guitar 2- Gibson and fenders
Keyboards- ( your set up goes here)