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Hi, my name is Jeff Thompson. I have been playing drums and percussion professionally for about 40 years now, mostly in the mid-northern region of Michigan. I recently relocated to Holland, MI to meet & work with some fresh talent. If you are in search of a versatile player who can lay it down consistently, I'm your man!! Feel free to e-mail me at mudshark92( insert dot here after gee mail)com, and we'll take it from there...OR CALL two three one four zero nine six three one two

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the drumshark
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Feb 15 2010
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I fell in love with the music and antics of Frank Zappa at the tender age of 15, and while I have been influenced by other drummers, none have had the influence on me that many of his drummaniacs had! Ralph Humphrey, Chester Thompson, Terry Bozzio, Chad Wackerman are all AMAZING players, and while I am not at their level of proficiency by any means, they have all inspired me to think outside the box.

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I think maybe I overdid it on my gear list, but here it is in all it's glory!!



CRUSH Sublime AXM ash/maple hybrid - Vintage Sunburst lacquer finish
Sizes (in inches, diameter x depth): 22 x 18" kick, 8 x 6", 10 x 7", 12 x 8" suspended rack toms w/ X-suspension mounts, 14 x 13, 16 x 14" & 18 x 16" floor toms, 6 x 14" matching snare.

GRETSCH Renown Maple series drums - Azure Blue Gloss lacquer finish. Sizes (in inches, diameter x depth): 22 x 18 kick, 10 x 8, 12 x 9 suspended rack toms, 14 x 11 suspended floor tom (w/ G.T.S. mounting system & all toms fitted w/ die-cast hoops).

DIXON Little Roomer kit, 20 x 7" kick, 10 x 7" rack tom, 13 x 10" floor tom 10 x 3.5" matching snare drum

LUDWIG Breakbeats by Questlove street bop kit, 16 x 14" kick, 10 x 7 rack tom, 13 x 13" floor tom, 14 x 5.5 matching snare drum



GRETSCH Brooklyn series 14 x 6.5" steel shell snare drum (main snare)

DIXON Cornerstone series 14 x 6.5" Titanium coated hammered steel shell snare drum, Purple finish (main snare)

DRUMCRAFT series 8 - 13 x 6" maple shell snare drum, Satin Artist Purple finish (main snare)

CRUSH Sublime AXM series 14 x 6" Vintage Sunburst lacquer finish (main snare)

SONOR Select Force 14 x 5.5" steel shell snare drum (main snare)

GRETSCH Renown series 14 x 5" snare drum w/ die cast hoops, Azure Blue finish (main snare)

PORK PIE Little Squealer Birch/Mahogany shell snare drum 13 x 7" "Pie in the Sky" Black Sparkle finish (main snare), Little Squealer 13 x 7" Maple /Birch hybrid shell snare drum, Porcaro Blue Metallic (main snare), Little Squealer steel shell snare drum 14 x 6" (main snare)

MAPEX MPX series maple shell snare drum 14 x 5.5" natural wood finish (main snare)

ORANGE COUNTY DRUM & PERCUSSION limited edition 14 x 8" steel snare drum - chrome finish (main snare)

PEARL Firecracker steel shell snare drum 10 x 5" ( side snare)



ALESIS Sample Pad Pro Digital sample trigger module

ROLAND TM-1 Digital sample trigger module

YAMAHA ED-10 Analog drum synthesizer

LP (Latin Percussion) John Dolmayan 6, 8" Mini Timbales, Aspire series 13, 14" Timbales, Aspire series Japanese ash cajon, Black Beauty Sr. cowbell, Rock cowbell, Jam Block x 2 (med. pitch, low pitch), Vibra-Slap/Quijada, tunable tambourine, maracas

MEINL "The Roar" Vibra-Slap/Quijada

REMO 14" Mondo series earthtone tunable Djembe

TREEWORKS 23 bar chimes

4' hand made/hand painted South American Rainstick



ZILDJIAN A series 14" Quick Beat hi-hats (x2), 17" med. thin crash, 18" China-Boy (low), 20" heavy ride (very old).

ZILDJIAN A CUSTOM series 6", 8",12" paper thin splashes 14",15",18" med. thin crashes, 18" China type, 16" ReZo crash, 16" projection crash, 20" ride, 21" ReZo ride.

**ZILDJIAN K series** 13 1/4" medium crash (this is the real deal, hand-hammered in Constantinople pre-1930 (looks like it's been hit by a truck!!), actual age unknown, but at least pushin' 100!! (NOT PLAYED)

SOULTONE Extreme series 15" hi-hat cymbals (secondary x-hats)

STAGG DH series 10" splash, 17" crash, 14" china, DH Exo series 8" splash, 13" crash

STAGG 26" suspended Chau gong (Tam-Tam)

STAGG 24" suspended Wind gong

STAGG 20" suspended Wind gong



DRUM WORKSHOP 9000 series hi-hat stand, Adjustable cam double kick pedal (primary)

GIBRALTAR G-Class direct drive double kick pedal (primary)

DRUM WORKSHOP 5000 series hi-hat stand, Accelerator double kick pedal (back - up)

GIBRALTAR GCS 450C four post curved drum rack

DRUM WORKSHOP bass drum muffling pillow

WUHAN gong stand

PEARL, PDP, GIBRALTAR, YAMAHA, MEINL boom cymbal stands & adapters

PEARL S930 snare stand, S930D snare stand

(2) PDP by DW 900 series snare stands

GIBRALTAR 12.7 mm tom arms (3), HD Double Braced Tom Stand Double L- Rod Platform.

TAMA Quick Clamp (3)

TRICK DRUMS Dominator alloy bass drum beaters

(2) KELLY SHU kick drum microphone shock mount system

ROC N' SOC Motorcycle throne w/ backrest

REMO Coated Ambassador heads (snares), clear Ambassador / clear Pinstripe (toms), Powerstroke 3 (kick).

EVANS EQ double kick reinforcement patch

PRO-MARK 2B Shiri - Kashi Japanese oak drumsticks, Nylo - Brushes

VIC FIRTH Bru-llets (brush/mallet combo for use with the cajon)

MIKE BALTER gong mallet, rub mallets


MICROPHONES (live & recording)

AVANTONE ADM drum mic w/ shock mount & rim mounting clamp (snare), MONDO bass drum mic (kick)

SHURE SM57 mic (snare)

SHURE SM58 (wired vocal)

SHURE SM35 XLR condenser headset mic (wired vocal)

CROWN CM311A headset mic (wireless vocal)

(6) SENNHEISER E604 mics (toms & side snare)

SENNHEISER E902 mic (kick)

AKG D112E (kick, floor tom)

(2) AKG P220 studio condenser mic w/ shock mount (main drum overheads)

(4) CAD TSM 411 mics (toms, snare)

(3) CAD C9 condenser mics (overheads & hi-hat)

(3) NADY CM88 condenser mics (misc.)

(2) MXL 910 Medium Diaphragm Studio Condenser Mics w/ shock mounts (recording)




CARVIN C1644p - 16 channel mixer (mains)

PEAVEY PV14 - 10 XLR + 2 stereo channel mixer (drum sub-mix)

(2) BEHRINGER B1800X subwoofers (mains)

(2) CARVIN TCS series 115 two-way speaker cabs (mains)

(2) PEAVEY PV115 two-way speaker cabs (mains)

SEISMIC AUDIO FL-10MP floor monitor

(2) PEAVEY PR12 speaker cabs (monitors)

(2) ULTIMATE SUPPORT TeleLock TS90B speaker stands

(2) CROWN XLS 1000 Drivecore power amp (bridged)(MAINS)

CROWN XLS 2000 Drivecore power amp (bridged)(MAINS)

CROWN XLS 2502 power amp (bridged) (BOTTOMS)

BEHRINGER Ultragraph Pro FBQ1502 graphic equalizer

DBX 266 XS - compressor / gate

DBX Driverack PA2 - speaker management system




(8) EYOURLIFE 53x3w DMX controlled LED par can lights

(6) U'KING 25w DMX controlled LED moving head mini spot lights

(2) CHAUVET OBEY 40 DMX lighting controllers (rack mounted)

(3) 8' T-bar lighting stands



BEHRINGER Eurorack UB802 2+2 channel mixer

AVID Pro Tools 9 DAW

M-AUDIO Fast Track Pro digital audio interface

(2) AUDIO TECHNICA ATH-ANC 27 headphones

ART 4 channel headphone amplifier

Assorted pop filters

HERCULES assorted boom stands