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So we are a true AEROSMITH tribute band that only preforms AEROSMITH'S music, That's why we are the Ultimate Aerosmith Tribute, and not a Great or a Good one or a Ok one in thChicago area, unlike a lot of the real Bad tribute bands in the Chicago land area and there are more Bad ones around here then there our Ultimate, Great, Good or ok. Aerotrip Nation thanks you for all the responses to date, keep the love coming.

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1)The United States of America, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights. Real Republicans 2) Non Alcoholics, 3) Non Drug Abusers. 4)Non Bullies. 5) Non Retards Meaning Mentally ill folks.. 6) Not People who are still stuck in Fourth Grade to a Eigth grade level with a inmature demeanor, Non Anti Semitic's, Non Racists, Non Haters or Bigots. 7) People who are really happy with themselves, in great physical shape and can real play there role with a look of Joe Perry, Brad Whitford, and Tomm Hamilton and a master of there instrument and stage presence.. And that understand they will be playing only AEROSMITHS MUSIC duplicating and following a set set list of specific arrangements to play them to the tee and add creativity with out f$cking your role up for yourself......

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So it's been a wonderful experience PUTTING Aerotrip back together, however, sometimes things don't go as planned. So we are still actively looking for that Ultimate Joe Perry guitarist that must have the look, but more importantly, the TRUE ability to play Aerosmith's music. And a drummer with impeccable timing and rhythm and groove in the pocket. If interested get in touch with Aerotrip directly (at) aerotrip1(at)(g)(mail)(.)(com) for Chicago land area musicians and the suburban area. Thankxxx and good luck.


My G_od gifted talents and yours DIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!