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Gen-X bassist, Not looking to quit my dayjob but would like to join or start a band just for fun and play some gigs around town.

I'm NOT looking to be in a cover band or tribute band. I'd like to be in something with mostly original music and MAYBE a few interesting covers chosen not for popularity but because we like them for insightful reasons and want to interpret them our own way. I could either join an existing band if you think I'd be a good fit, or form one with anybody who likes what they've read in my profile. The possibilities are endless!

I've been in bands before but it's been a while. I'm basically a rock player but that includes lots of possibilities. My past bands have included college-town alternative, instrumental surf, classic rock style (mix of original and cover), and even what I'd call 'prog-pop' for lack of a better term.

I don't claim to be a virtuoso by any stretch, but I do enjoy trying to improve my playing. I don't play any other instruments or do vocals, but could be inclined to try to learn backing vocals if the situation feels right. I'm not much of a songwriter but I do have a few little ideas I've been tossing around.

I prefer collaborative creative processes in which we all contribute to making the song what it is, where we can all make up our own lines for things but also remain open to each other's input or suggestions. Whatever it takes to get the most out of a musical idea.

My availability varies as my job requires travel but I'm always home on weekends and the number of days I'm away varies from week to week. I'm OK with a rehearsal schedule that's a little flexible, in fact that would be ideal- we all have lives and need to work-around stuff from time to time. That said, Sunday afternoons are probably my best time for rehearsal followed by Friday nights.

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Nobody in particular. I have a few heroes of my instrument but I don't really play like them, probably because they're all SO much better than I am!

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Esh Serious Bass 5-string
Aria Pro II The Cat Bass (extensively modified)
Kawai F2B

Ampeg PF500 w/cheep 2x10, may add another cabinet
SWR Workingman's 15 combo