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I play 6&7 string electric and 6&12string acoustic gtrs. I write songs in several styles and enjoy collaborating on songs with other musicians.I am looking for musicians that are patient, unique and want to create not immitate.Niether looks nor age matter only the need to KICK ASS I like music that is beautiful and crushing. I also love bacon and puppies.

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Mainly breakfast cereals. Count chocula, Booberry and Frankenberry had the most impact on my style. You know the fu*king heavy sh*t. Also the Pope...all of em. I think it's the hat and sceptre they are kinda like wizards except no spells and sh*t. They really need some spells, that would put them over the top you know and they would definitely get more pussy. This is a short list of what I have been into lately; Ghost, Periphery, Behemoth, Volumes,Mastadon,Protest the Hero,Mnemic,InflamesBloodbath,Arch Enemy,Sikth,Carcass,Scar Symmetry, Chimaera, Dir en grey and many more. I also like classic metal/rock; Iron Maiden,Judas Priest,Accept, Ozzy, AC/DC,RUSH,etc. as well as stuff like early Metallica,Megadeth,King Diamond, Savtage, Morbid Angel,Pantera etc.into grunge/alt a little Soundgarden,AIC,Nirvana,STPetc. I like some music from literally all genre.lf I like it I listen to it and learn something new. I like heavy music but I also like change. I never want to feel bored when playing I want to challenge myself so that I can grow musically.

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Gtr,amp,processor,cow,shoe,meat tenderizer,large hadron collider,mechanical machines,$240.00 worth of pudding and a device that goes "BEEP" but only if no one is listening, a state of the art water toaster and a spoon that allows a human fetus to abort BOTH of it's parents(biological and potential adoptive parents just for fun). SOMEBODY CONTACT ME, I REALLY NEED TO PLAY. I recently moved back to Texas where I grew up.I have lived and played in many bands over the last few decades in Texas,Arizona,Colorado,Nevada & Calfornia from house parties to small and large clubs to festivals. I'm not an egomaniac I don't drink and although you may look at my age and laugh I'm only 50 cuz my birth certificate says so and that just means I have with few more years of this worlds bullshit to pissed off about. PS I do like puppies.