Bass Guitar, Drums.


What began as simple "bedroom jams" or "garage sessions" has become something more. Jason and Jose met years ago and were just jamming out of boredom when suddenly it mushroomed into something more. Fast forward a few years and Jason got married to Sophia. One day, Jose and Jason were practicing to record Lamplights & Hourglasses when Sophia walked and began belting it out. We never knew she could sing at all. No questions asked! She was immediately nominated first by Jose and quickly followed up by Jason. Now we need to round this off with the bottom end and the percussion.

The Kesserman Switch is a 6 year project that has finally turned for the better. Jason, Sophia and Jose are best friends first and band members second. Jason writes the lyrics and most of the lead guitar parts. Jose is responsible for bringing structure and rhythms. Finally, Ashley brings it all together with her smokey and sexy-ass voice. It's Chaos in a business suit at times. However, we consider this band a family as much as a business. We're serious about this too. Don't get us wrong, we are here for a great time while not taking ourselves too seriously. We want to take this "fun" to the next level and see where it goes.

Lately, our biggest downfall is not having drums and bass. So, for now, we are resorting to the ill fated acoustic venues and even using Mr. Laptop as our entire Rhythm section. We've already got a solid set-list of original material. We are not even considering covers at the moment. We are taking the road less travelled with originals.

We do appreciate input from other members. We are trying to accomplish a very specific goal. Please listen to a few of our sound-bytes and see if this may be something you're interested in.

Our song subject matter is primarily comprised of typical 90's grunge/alternative music. That's our biggest influences. We try to keep it fun and clean. We've left the teenaged angst behind and aiming for a more "real life" approach with lyrics. Some of it is a bit deep and some of it is too the point. Are we truly grunge, alternative, punk, rock, .... or anything of the sort? I don't know. Let the music be your guide. We do aim for listenable, playable, singable, coherent and fun music. Stuff that people can actually enjoy and call it "rock" music again. We're not trying to set a trend or rewrite history or even change the world. But we are incredibly passionate about "rock" in general and we see a void in todays scene.

We do understand that we live in the "country capitol of the world". To us, this means we have to push a little harder than we would in other cities. We will play just about any place that will give us a shot. It's been quite a while since we've played out live and we are anxious to do it again.

Lastly, we do love making music and gigging out. Even the studio time is a blast. None of us have substance abuse issues. We have families, lives and responsibilities. So please keep that in mind as you consider working with us. We are not paying you for showing up or offering up sessions work. Either you're willing to be a part of this or you're not. It is for a love of music, but we also know it's a business. We do expect to be paid for our art at some point. If we can manage that at the first gig, then great. We have to start somewhere.

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43 years


Currently our main go-to bands include: Foo Fighters, 3 Doors Down, Angels and Airwaves, Secret & Whisper, Smashing Pumpkins, Goo Goo Dolls... just to name a few. You probably haven't heard of a couple of those and that's expected. You don't have to love those bands. But it does give you a great idea of what influences we have at them moment.

Members Of Band

Jason: Songwriter, Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals, Chaos
Jose: Rhythm guitar, classical instruments, backing vocals, Peace&Harmony
Sophia: Lead vocals, stage appeal, down to earth

You?: Bass, backing vocals maybe
You?: Drums, percussion, explosions...


Marshall and Peavey Amps
Kramer, Ephiphone, Fender and Ibanez Guitars

We only have equipment based on being guitar players. It's the pro gear we want and it's all we have. We try to be a bit minimalist.