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I am the author of The Music Industry Self Help Guide

I wrote this book because it seems that every musician goes through the same stages of development and needs access to the same tools and information to get ahead in this industry.

I see a reoccurring disparity with different musicians that don’t where to look, and don’t know what to look for which keeps them isolated with no real hope of success. I have encountered this not only in local developing music scenes but also while formally mentoring aspiring artists at music conferences across the country.

I have always felt the need to share my experience in this industry with up and coming artists. This experience dates back to my participation in independent music scenes since back before I was in high school. The things that I learned and the networks that I have watched function and flourish helped me with the development and growth of my own bands which I not only performed in but managed as well. The management I exercised for the advancement of my own groups is the same skillset that I used to start my own independent record label.

In this book I will provide you information from the point of view of an artist, a manager, and from the perspective of a record label.

Multiple books and publications have been written on some of the subjects contained herein that have a cold encyclopedic reference style of presenting information. I wanted to approach as many of these topics as possible within the confines of this book, link them all together, and do it from more of a personal and direct level.

Although some of the subject matter in this book could be elaborated on in great detail, you will have enough of a working knowledge of all of these topics to allow you to hit the ground running and get things done with your own two hands after reading this book.

Because of my own relentless approach to finding a way to get things done, and due to countless hours of research, I have obtained firsthand experience and knowledge in this industry that can give you a serious head start and help you move forward if you choose to implement the information you find in this book.

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The Music Industry Self Help Guide has obtained several reviews since its original publication date of March 27th 2014.

Hilary Mahoney of Screamer Magazine has provided the most in-depth review to date, and it can be read at ://screamermagazine/reviews/proofed-book-review-music-industry-self-help-guide-michael-repel/

Review by Canada's Vandala Magazine ://vandalamagazine/2014/06/24/book-review-the-music-industry-self-help-guide-book-written-by-michael-repel/

German music blogger Vanessa Jertschewske's review ://houseinthesand.blogspot/2014/09/book-review-music-industry-self-help.html

The book has also become a lightning rod for debate on Digital Music News, where Paul Resnikoff listed 17 Ways To Kill Your Music Career, an article based solely on the Guide ://.digitalmusicnews/permalink/2014/06/09/17-ways-kill-music-career

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