The Riggers Loft


The Riggers Loft Recording Studio is a state of the art recording facility that is being developed in the Great North Woods of Maine.
Run by an award winning former Disney Events show team Engineer, we are ready to handle anything you want to do.

We have a great sounding live room, fully equipped with top of the line gear, as well as room to bring in your own. Our drum kit once belonged to Robb Rivera of Nonpoint and we also have an Eric Carmen style custom 1961 Gibson Melody Maker -D, almost identical to the one he gave Joan Jett.

Our Vocal isolation booth is multi soft-walled with built in voids. The dampening is excellent and and we managed to meet M.M Loudens "2nd best ratio" in the space available to us.
Sound capture is true and pure.

The booth is usually equipped with a Neumann TLM-103. This can be swapped out for a Super-55, SM58 or your favorite mic as needed.

The addition of the Neumann has prompted yet another upgrade to this already kick ass Iso both. We are about to rebuild it again as a hard booth with a floating floor, the same excellent geometry, and even better sound dampening.

The Riggers Loft is located in Lincoln Me, about an hour north of the Bangor Airport.
We have virtually unlimited parking, no speed (db) limits and no curfew.

We are ready to help you make your music, whatever it may be.

On site FOH services for your next gig are also available, however this is a paid service. Don't let that scare you I just cant let it cost me money. I am supposed to be retired. Message me, we can work something out.
The board will be an Allen and Heath Zed-24 for the primary mix and a Midas 12 channel to handle any necessary sub mixes at the stage.

Additionally, If you are interested in being put on our list of locally available session musicians, please contact us.

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Dec 06 2022
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At this time we ONLY passing on COSTS to bands and musicians that call Maine home.
For example, break a drum head, need strings, need media to bring your project home on, require iso power and therefore generator fuel consumption, these types costs I have to pass along.

Other than that, we are operating on a IF You Make It, We Make It principle.

Our goal is to make Maine music explode and be noticed as we bring ourselves up to speed and develop the facility.
To that end, I am here to help you make your music without having to deal with the expenses that stop so many otherwise awesome bands and musicians from going forward with their dreams.

I have lived mine and retired from them... Well, I got bored...
I'm Back. Lets Make Music

On site Engineering is also available. Rates to be negotiated.
We will work with your budget, it doesn't matter if its a random pub, or Cross Arena, we will make it work.



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Private Recording Session Booked

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