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Started on piano at age 6, now 26 years old. I play 26 instruments at last count (not necessarily well, piano, voice, drums and guitar are my strengths, in that order). I play music professionally, it's how I make a living. I have played in rock bands, jazz combos, symphony orchestras, I teach private lessons, I've taught college choir and high school band and choir. I play dinner music, I accompany choirs and direct musicals. Sometimes I do shows where I sing and play piano. Right now I'm trying to get more original stuff written and get more opportunities to perform it, record it, sell it, grow a fan base, make money, blah blah blah. I'm coming to bandmix most interested in finding a cover band that is working so that I can get more gigs on the calendar, too many weekends are empty and I need more money and I've been thinking about a cover band for a while. I am versatile and experienced enough that I could probably get a song list and have it all down after a few rehearsals.
Heads up: I am the drummer for a jazz combo. We are trying to ramp up our gigs and it is working...slowly! Much too slow to pay my rent. I am also very busy in general with all the stuff I do. It means it's difficult to line up with my schedule but on the flipside I am very organized and punctual. If you're looking for someone who will rehearse 5 days a week for 4 hours straight each time and travel on tour in the same hotel room and share the dream and starve with you, I'm not the guy. At least not for your project. Not right now......unless you're like.....a huge name or something....I can dream right?
Anywho, if you're looking for a musician with a professional attitude and an ability to learn quickly for a band that gets paid and gigs at least semi-frequently, I want to hear from you! I have put in my 10,000 hours (literally, I calculated). Got my bachelor's in music. I could be your wizard of a piano (or synth) player, your pretty good singer, your drummer that keeps good time even though I don't get too fancy, your guitarist who managed to miraculously stumble through the set in a pretty decent fashion because even though guitar isn't a super comfortable instrument for him he knows how to practice and apply himself and do a passable job, or your bassist with terrible tone but a really good sense of rhythm and ability to really groove and stay in the pocket.
How's that for some self-awareness? :D
Fun facts in case personality is a concern: I'm a real boy scout. Literally, I made it to eagle. I don't do drugs, rarely drink, don't smoke. I try not to take myself too seriously and it's a real struggle sometimes. I do my best to carry great respect for other people's time and talent and business and expect the same in return. Despite all my seriousness I do actually enjoy what I do and followed this career path because it's fun.
So in the words of AC/DC: we roll tonight. To the guitar bite. And for those about to rock, we salute you.

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Ben Folds, Billy Joel, Beatles, Weezer, Queen, Rush, Styx, Zeppelin, the Brothers Four, Tim Minchin, Bo Burnham, Bill Bailey, FOTC, RHCP, Steven Wilson, Cream, not a huge Elton John fan but he's an influence I guess, Acappella, Take 6, Manhattan Transfer, They Might Be Giants, Cake (I love Cake), DC Talk, Electric Guest, Foo Fighters, Lake Street Dive, Foster the People, Green Day, King Washington, The Lately, Reel Big Fish, Streetlight Manifesto, Marc Broussard, Modest Mouse, St Vincent, Vulfpeck, The Who, Yes, Mozart, Bartok, Victor Wooten, Vampire Weekend, Vince Guaraldi, Harry Connick Jr, Jamie Cullum, Stanley Jordan, Neil Cicierega, Disasterpeace, Porter Robinson, Art Tatum, Fats Waller, Oscar Peterson, Ray Charles, Snarky Puppy....hopefully this gives you an idea of how lost and eclectic I am.
Basically I like good straightforward melodies, I like humor, I like music that sounds like dark and bright very rich colors. I like artsy stuff. Whatever is real, passionate, not propaganda. I like motown, soul, funk, blues, rhythm and blues, rock, jazz, pop, I like some new stuff, I like some old stuff, I like some really old stuff. I like having a balance of something that's unique enough to keep me interested but groovy enough to just enjoy.

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-Yamaha P-255
-alesis micron
-3 keyboard stands (and a set of second tier thingys so I can put a second keyboard on one stand)
-a few mic stands
-1 music stand
-several XLR cables and 1/4" cables
-2 DI boxes
-Pearl forum drumset, sticks, brushes, mallets (I play orchestral percussion as well)
-Slammer by Hamer guitar (Gibson Les Paul lookalike, needs a setup)
-Bass I can't identify the brand of (it's got a loose cable jack but it's gotten the job done so far)
-shure 58 and 57, I have a couple other microphones as well and sort of a set of cheap drum mics
-RMS full range amp (has a slight buzz that can get kind of annoying in quieter settings, my understanding is that it was manufactured this way on purpose. Probably figured it wasn't going to be noticeable if you need an amp that loud...which I guess is true)
-crate (I think?) guitar amp. I don't remember the specs, I honestly don't play my guitar enough I'm trying to pick it up again lately. I do know it's pretty loud and pretty good and has a ton of features and stuff.
-peavey 15 watt practice amp
-2 acoustic electric guitars. One has jazz strings on it, the other has copper. (...or steel....or whatever they're made out of)
-12 string guitar in disrepair
-a couple of acoustic guitars that are nothing to write home about
-baritone (very old, doesn't get much love)
-violin (very cheap violin I bought off ebay)
-M-audio 88-key MIDI controller USB keyboard
I have keyboard cases, drum cases, guitar cases, I have a small collapseable cart for wheeling stuff around, I still need to get a bag for my drum hardware. One thing at a time.

I have many other knick knacks and paddy whacks that probably aren't worth mentioning here, hopefully you get the gist of it. I guess I could also list my upright howard piano, but I doubt we would be using it unless we have rehearsal at my house and even then....probably better off using the Yamaha.