Thrash Panda


Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, DJ, Dobro, Electronic Music, Mandolin, Other Percussion, Rhythm Guitar, Ukulele, Violin, Vocalist, Vocalist - Alto, Vocalist - Baritone, Vocalist - Bass, Vocalist - Soprano, Vocalist - Tenor.


Thrash Panda is literally just a FUN project. It's not meant to take itself seriously. All of our band members have ridiculous sounding personas and we call ourselves "trash" metal.

The intention is mostly to be fun and amusing. We want to do covers of old TV, movie, and video game themes as well as some poor taste originals. Most of us have little-to-no musical experience and that's okay. We record stuff separately and edit everything in Adobe Audition.

We like puppets, costumes, and homemade intruments!

We're looking for folks who would probably otherwise not fit in well with most bands either due to lack of experience and/or skill, inability to commit much time, etc... We don't care if you're a sh*tty sax player or can barely play the accordion...we'll work it into our eclectic mess.

Please no try-hards or anyone who wants this to be anything other than a fun little side project. It's totally fine is you actually ARE good at music and want to be a part, just know that the rest of us are pretty crummy but that's half of the point :)

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Dec 27 2018
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38 years


The Country Bear Jamboree
The Rock-afire Explosion

Members Of Band

(Please note that our lineup is subject to change at literally any time since we just kind of do what we can with what we got and basically anyone who wants to contribute is welcome to)

- Burrito Supreme (lead alto diddley bow, lead baritone diddley bow, thrash ukulele)
- Jem Jam (rhythm guitbass)
- Cornhole Johnny (lead lap diddley bass)
- "Used Coffee Grinds McGee" (bongos, misc percussion)
- Blaine Alastair Duncan Rockingham III, esquire (rhythm bassitar, electric kazoo)
-Trashcan Confetti (electric rubbish racket, backup electric kazoo)


Alto diddley bow (single stringed electric guitar tuned to an open G)
Baritone diddley bow (single heavy-stringed electric guitar/bass with extra long scale tuned to D)
Guitbass (acoustic guitar rigged with pickups and fitted with two bass strings)
Lap diddley bass (sort of like a steel guitar with a super thick bass string and made from scrap wood)
Concert Ukulele (electric, tuned to open G)
Bassitar (electric guitar with 3 heavy gauge strings tuned to open G)
Electric rubbish racket (um...a tennis racket with some loose guitar strings made for slapping)
Electric kazoo ( read that right :)