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Thanks for visiting! At Least It Will Die A Lion is a post-hardcore / electronicore / metalcore project that started over a year ago by myself. The modus operandi in influence of the project is to be an inspirational support to people suffering from depression, self-harm, bullying, and the like. Heart is the pinnacle requirement for this project. Skill and pro equipment are obtained by anyone in time, but really feeling your music is key. I want this to be personal for any potential member.

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COMMITMENT: This project is all about expressing your heart in music, and having the opportunity to do that together with other people. This band is not expected to go on tour outside of the region, or to be able to drop everything to do something like that, which makes it great for musicians who are not looking to make this a profession, but rather a dedicated labor of love with the time they have. Local and regional gigs are a definite possibility, however, if the band members are interested. I expect potential members to have at least a few hours once a week to dedicate to the project. If you have more; awesome. That would be great as well.

RIGHTS: Every member will have equal rights to any part of the project they dedicate to. I've noticed in my previous experience this works best for everyone, and is the most fair. If someone has written a song of their own, and wants to be first in the rights for it to include it in the project, or specific parts, etc, that is perfectly cool with me. I understand everyone has concerns there.

RECORDING AND PRODUCTION: 99% of all record companies are two-faced and suck artists dry for profit, steal rights to their work, and basically control every aspect of their lives for their own personal greedy welfare. The only real purpose they can viably serve is to for publicity and marketing. Even then, other options are available that negate their worth to someone who is writing music simply because they feel it and wish to, which I think is the real heart of music. Obviously, honor is incredibly important to me, considering the goal of this project. I have connections to professional recording options, and unique marketing connections for us for free. I fully intend to record, mix, and master our own work together, and will fiercely defend the rights of anyone I work with if they find themselves victims of theft. In short, you and your dreams will be safe. I am a pro artist and can produce our own art, etc with direction from everyone else involved, as well.

*****If this sounds like something you are interested in, get in touch by message and we'll talk! We can exchange numbers there to avoid spam from anyone viewing the site. *****

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2-3 times per week
39 years


I See Stars (older work), We Came As Romans, Before Their Eyes, Memphis May Fire, For The Fallen Dreams, Any Given Day

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1- me, so far. I've played in various local bands during the early 2000's, and was very involved. A few years ago, I reconnected with it, and I am better than ever at vocals and guitar. I practice for at least an hour or two, every day. Often, a lot more if my schedule is open. In my previous bands I usually wrote the lyrics to songs, and general song progression, but I would really like this project to have everyone contribute. Not a necessity, but it would be very well appreciated. I enjoy it better to have everyone throw their heart in. It makes for a really awesome cohesion and meaning for everyone: Whether that is simply their chosen instrument, or other aspects as well. I want this ideally to be a fully collective effort.