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After performing over 1200 shows in Fredericksburg, Texas' Rockbox Theater, I am relocating to San Antonio and looking to put a local Tribute band together. I am a vocal impersonator by trade and considering either a Roy Orbison, Wings, or ELO as the band. I'm up for all 3 but I doubt any of us have time to learn 3 shows of music! You can catch my Roy Orbison video on be by copy/paste this link: s://./watch?v=n-uHeqFqtYw I have SRV, Beatles, and many other live videos on my be page you can view but I would like to focus of either McCartney or Orbison (hey, maybe a 50/50 show?) I am looking for musicians (ladies too) who can play this stuff because you've heard it a million times. Don't really want players who have never bought a McCartney-or ELO album in their life and only know the music because Dad listened to them. I want players who love this music and just need to work out the detail riffs and parts utilizing be videos with parts isolated or 'woodshedding'. Since all three acts used horns and strings, I'm cool with real Cellist, violins, trumpet, sax, trombone. Just like the good old days. Keyboardists replicating the parts is fine if not woodwind or brass section develops, but the look is really cool onstage. Need acoustic, bass, lead, Keys, drums. Some songs I might play lead gtr on and mostly Bass (for McCartney) Orbison mostly just playing one guitar. BGV very helpful.

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McCartney, ELO, or Orbison. I'm taking a poll, which one would you prefer to perform in? That might help me decide!

Members Of Band

horn section (Sax, Trumpet, Trombone and occasional oboe for McCartneys unusual songs) Strings; Cello, violins, etc. Eleanor Rigby, Jet, Band on the Run, Live and Let Die, Uncle Albert, etc)
Keys-this may require 2. for for piano and the other for playing synth or one keyboard while playing horn patch on another keyboard. Be flexible, work it out between yourselves and have fun.
Acoustic/Lead electric (1 or 2 guys who can be flexible) you might play bass, acoustic and electric throughout the show, depending on the song.
BGV's female and male.
I prefer older guys (even retired-you dudes are the work horses from ions past) ladies encouraged. Young players-if you have the chops, apply. It will be good for you to be around seasoned players. You might learn something.
This is not a gig for improv., expanding your chops or redefining the song. Just learn the song note for note and spit it back out- harder than it sounds...enjoy the band experience and let's have. This is not a full-time gig. I promise there will be NO outdoors gigs, smokey Rock club gigs, back of a flatbed trailer gigs, none of that. I don't do that. We may only gig 4 times a year but it will be real venues (theaters) where people sit down in real chairs and watch and applaud and appreciate what you do. Venues like the Rockbox Theater, the Cailloux Theater (Kerrville) the Brauntex theater (New Braunfels) the Rose or Empire (S/A) or smaller theaters around the area. Whichever show is created, it will be done like a real concert; this means, no drinking beer, no turning your back to the audience, no tuning between songs, no distractions onstage. The goal here is let the audience get lost in the moment. Tuning and laughing and talking to each other onstage breaks the moment. It will be a professional type show, scripted with a set list, and cues and intros spot on. Even the onstage banter will be scripted and a part of the show. Some type of stage costuming, even if all black. If you want to be a part of something 5 cuts above a 70's rock band performing at Cinco Di Mayo on some open stage in 100 degree weather, then this might be for you. Get your homework, hash it out, come to rehearsal prepared, we all get together for a few rehearsals and go do the show. This won't be a drain on your personal life having to rehearse 2-3 times a week. Act like a pro, work out your part and bring it! If it becomes a popular show and we get more requests, the group can vote how busy we want to stay.


Act like a pro- have your gear. Don't go into debt buying a new axe.
I also need a sound man with gear. The pay will be better than what's being shelled out around here. I'm 56 and have been doing this since my 20's. I have no desire to make a million at this or take it on the road. Got my teeth kicked in too many times by that dream. Just want to perform a kick-ass show with a group of fellow musicians who respect and love each other. We older musicians still have lead in our pencils so let's to gig and do a real show.