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I took the lessons, done the scales, studied the theory, learned the technique stole the licks, played the gigs, played it safe, recorded on cassette, recorded on 2”, recorded other people’s and my own, wrote some music, wrote some lyrics, learned 17 instruments well enough to record the parts, tried to sound like him, like her, like them, played when it felt good, bad, bored, when i felt inspired, anointed. Played to pay the bills, the monkey, to get laid, to get the attention I never got as a child, played until I was played out. STOPPED PLAYING....(played the victim during this time). Met some guys, they loved to play, stuck my toe in, took a sip, said yes without obligation, said no without fear. Learned to not listen when I played, to not think about what people were thinking about my performance, to
project milliseconds into the “future” where the
Internal composer threw the notes up for me to catch and release. forgot scales and
learned intervals or vice-versa. Played because I couldn’t Not play. Forgave my self for not being Larry Carlton, Eddie, Angus, Pat Metheny, a Beatle, a Stone, for not being Greatfully Dead. Forgave you for...well you know don’t you. Accepted myself and dropped the cookie cutter that the industry hands out. Wrote and recorded a happy song that didn’t sound like a school boys naive fantasy. It was the most fun I’d ever had. My life changed from the resonance, the vibration inside of me matched what i emanated. Pride wasn’t proud, it stood there next to humility, (who had just broken up with its partner “dishonest modesty”) I sometimes spent a full day learning to play a lick that I wrote that was beyond my ability. Then, when hearing it with all the other parts it was invented to play with, it wasn’t right, didnt “move” me. BUT THAT WAS OK! the journey had been fun. So there it was, 58 years to find my two word personal constitution. “Have Fun”. Bring a bag of fresh, organic fun. Bask in the fun.
If you aren’t afraid to show your soul, can play well enough that you comfortably give and take suggestions without feeling threatened. If you LOVE what happens when the blend and flow ripples through the band, the studio, the stage the speakers, the audience, the spine, then lets get together and form our own world changing conspiracy, to have fun, and enjoy where that takes us. It’s taking me to play original music, in nice venue, all over the world

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James Taylor, James Brown, Rick James, James Gang, C S N Y ( harmony blend magic from unremarkable individually voices) Stealy Dan, Tom Petty, Bruce, Eagles, Gabriel, Gene Harris, Billy, Gilmore, lyricist that use phonics effectively, my mom, my dogs, my appetites, my unique Spirit - perfect in its imperfection, your unique Spirit.

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Nice guitars, Electrics and acoustics, acoustic electrics, and Electric acoustics, Martins, Taylor’s, Fenders. 24 track zoom R24 mobile studio. Mics by AKG. Vox Hybrid rig.