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my email is "ghost runner 23 23 at gm ai l dot com"

i am looking to join an established gigging band with dates. it's likely i will say no 50 times before i join a band - i am just now at a point in my musical career where i am looking for that special fit.

i am very good at the business of bands and prefer to find others that also are good at the business of music and what that part takes to succeed. i also take good care of myself and look good too :) and I am sober and don't do drugs. i have a passion for music - it's been a huge part of my life for a long time. i am also the type of band mate that will invest a lot of my pay into building the band. success is a key - i don't want to play my 3rd set in front of 3 people.

i don't want to play my favorite tunes, i want to play stuff that's a winner in drawing a great crowd wherever I play. i am 49 years old and very hungry to succeed with the right professionals. i am very professional in every sense - i look good, i am well schooled in many genres of guitar and have a high attention for detail. i also write music from time to time - some demos on my page here for you to checkout - country, alt rock and metal demos (plenty more available). while i am a professional by day, i would consider regional touring as well if i can manage to balance my life and make it all work.

i also have lead vocals experience and can contribute vocally on songs. def. not my strength area but I am experienced with some vocals :D

i can be a challenge at times but it's only because I know what i want and how to get there - after all, do you want your band members to just agree with everything or do you want those who are willing to see the big picture and what it takes to be the very best at the music and the business both - I can help you - i'm just very passionate and goal-oriented and those are my weaknesses! and while i will want to certainly have input and helping running a band - i will provide whatever support a band needs but I expect whoever is running a band knows what they're doing - don't talk about doing it - have a plan and know where you're heading and how to rise above the other bands out there. i'm trying to find something i can get behind and create with and be able to put my fingerprints to help making you be more successful. i am extremely professional and a well-schooled player and musician - i have great attention to detail and have a good grasp for what songs need and don't need. i have a less is more approach to song writing.

I am 6+ years sober and am the best version of myself i've ever been in life and proud of who i am as a person.

let's talk??

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while i have been influenced by many, musically, i am a culmination of many musicians and guitar players.

guitar players, musicians and bands that have influenced me or had a profound effect on me:
jimi hendrix, jimmy page, billy f. gibbons, the eagles, mick jones, dave grohl, jackson browne, tom petty, neil young, david crosby, stephen stills, grant nash, john fogerty, bob dylan, jeff carlisi, ronnie van zant, ed van halen, jerry cantrell, layne staley, mike mccready, andrew wood, chris cornell, eddie vedder, noodles, mike ness, the posies, the edge, rivers cuomo, corey taylor, billy corgan, jeff healey, brian may / freddie mercury, andy taylor, chet atkins, chuck berry, george lynch, ed roland
citizen dick
mookie blaylock

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