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I Am looking to collaborate with other musically creative people. I am looking for imagination to create (Some) remakes and 100% original concept music. I own and operate my own basement recording studio with the means to record and edit any possible style of music. In the past I created music, sound effects, vocal dialog, and music for video games. I have credits on several X-box and Playstation video games between 2000 and 2006. Contact info:

Email me (synapticfreakazoid at Y-a-h-o-o)

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I am Mostly into electronic-ee progressive pop-rockish stuff. My main instrument is rhythm style guitar, and even then I tend to play my guitar more like a percussion instrument than a guitar. All of my music sounds very computerized because I usually build my tunes around guitar or bass riffs ..I don't play drums or keys fluently. Basically I have to make due with programming them until I am able to find a real musician that can play the parts on real instruments. Over the years I have learned how to play a small bit of keys due to the migration into the electronic music world. I play bass a bit too, nothing I am personally looking for a highly polished, progressive rock/pop electronic/dance hybrid (Think Alan Parsons Project, Trans Siberian Orchestra kinda vibe, but heavier and more artsy, odd time). I am so sick n tired of people saying "We want to do something different" and then it ALWAYS ends up in that same blues band quagmire playing covers.....Originals damn it !...Say it with me, ORIGINALS......I'm the type where my mom would ask me growing up "Play me a song on your guitar" I play one and she says "Whats that?, I've never heard that song" ...Um DUH ! that's because it's my song, it's my music...i've never learned entire tunes from other bands or musicians, just parts and pieces. Leaning other people's music to me is strictly for reverse engineering purposes so I can understand how they are built. entire life, i have only created and recorded my own originals...

The Music up on s-o-u-n-d-c-l-o-u-d is nothing more than ideas I envision and hear in my head.....once I meet people I get along with, we can tear them all apart and restructure the tunes for a live/recording, and to incorporate the ideas of collaborators...

I own enough musical equipment crap to create just about any type of sound we can dream up. If you are in need of recording your own, I am more than willing to trade your musical input and talent on my stuff for my engineering talents and ability to get your stuff recorded and make it sound good, a Demo, a CD, or just for fun. I love audio/video creation more than anyone will ever know.

Right now I am looking for both male and/or female vocals (That have the ability to write lyrics), a lead guitarist that can lay down beautiful melodic and creative leads (Think Satriani, Ty Tabor, John Petrucci), A bass player that can slap and throw down that Rick growl. A drummer that is not afraid of electronics or strange off-time rhythms.

for what its worth..NO FREAKING TWEAKERS!! I personally do not do drugs, but I am not opposed to those who do, because i believe everyone has the right to decide for themselves as to what they put in their bodies. I like to drink beer (The darker the better) sometimes the hard stuff, 420 doesn't bother me....In short, as long as you're responsible, i'm good with it :-)

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Look up Top Quark or the word Shockdiamond on s-o-u-n-d-c-l-o-u-d

The tunes you hear on this site are mostly IDEAS, and works in progress awaiting collaborative input from other creative people.

I tend to lean into an 80's Rock/New Wave sound due to the fact that is the time when music had the heaviest impact on my life. many of these bands and much of their music is old news to many, but to me this was a magical time for the development of music and self expression. There are some of my heaviest influences, but not even close to all of them ....

Rush, Unitopia, Ozric Tentacles, Joe Satriani, (Old) Nina Hagen, Saga, Bill Bruford (One of a kind), Jeff Berlin, KingsX, Pink Floyd, Cake, Dream Theater, NIN, Rammstein, Unheilig, Yanni, Enya, Mike Oldfield, Jean Michael Jarre, Blue Oyster Cult, Depeche Mode, DEVO, Duran Duran, Fleetwood Mac, The Cars, Beatles, ELP, King Crimson, Styx, Sweet, T-Rex, Return To Forever (Romatic Warrior time frame), UFO, MSG, Scorpions, Def Leppard (Early days with Pete Willis), AC/DC (Mostly Bon Scott) Ronnie James Dio, Anything by Electric Light Orchestra and/or Jeff Lynne

My goal is to create beautiful sonic soundscapes that take you on a musical journey..I'm interested in radio friendly music as well ..I have always found the best and most influential music is the kind you don't necessarily like the first time you hear it, music that grows on you with repeated listening....

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Lots of Mics
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Boss SX-700 Studio Effects Processor
Alesis Midiverb III
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Digitech Studio Vocal Harmony processor
MOTU MTP/AV MIDI Timepeice (Video Sync)
Tascam DM-3200 Digital Mixer W/ Fire-wire Expansion
Focusrite Pro40 Firewire (For portable multi-track recording)
Heil talk box
Vocal Pre amps

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1987 Washburn ec-29 challenger.
Guild Maderia Accoustic 12 String
Kentucky Mandolin
Godin Multiac (MIDI READY) Electric Nylon
1978 Alvarez "Yari" Acoustic Nylon
Fender Precision Bass

AMD3+ 8 core processor, AsRock 990FX Extreme 4 Motherboard with 16 gigs of ram (Just about to upgrade to 32)

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Vast collection of Sound Effects Libraries, Instrument samples, and Acid Loops