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Vocals lead or backup, guitar lead, some keys. Open jams, improvising, phrasing, feel, soul, groove, illusion of space and motion, arranging, re-arranging, song writing.

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Aug 19 2006
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Guitar: Hendrix, Van Halen, Jimi Page, SRV, Barrett and Gilmore, May, Clapton, Beck, Schultz, Blackmore, Wylde, Rhodes, Iaomi, Lynch, Zappa, Satch, Vai, Johnson (Eric and Robert), Morse, DeMeola, Garcia, Allman, McCartney, Harrison, Lennon, Edge, Hetfield, Mustain, Hammett, Young (Neil and Angus), Nugent, Cash, Jennings, Presley, Hooker, King, Waters, Frey, Walsch, Sambora, Frampton.

Vocals: Tyler, Plant, Osbourne, Oribison, Roth, Lee, McCartney. Lennon, Lenox, Franklin, Houston, Carey, Joplin, Lang, Etheridge, Clapton, Ritchie, King, Mathus, Waters, Gaye, White, Tate, Lee, Bowie, Miller, Costello, Perry, Petty, Winwood, John, Joel, Collins, Gabriel, McDonald, Frey, Walsch, Henley + T. B. Schmidt, Fagen, James Brown.


Hamer, Ibanez, Digitech rack w/foot, Wah, Marshall rack, Blue, Shure, PA, 2 cabs 12 + tweet, Lexicon omega Midi Interface w/reverb, ProTracks + Cake Walk.