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Currently playing bass for [Gewgaws], a group with a focus between prog-rock and metal-fusion. Quirky, frenetic, heavy, good stuff. Currently looking for a vocalist for this project.

Also here on bandmix for additional gigging opportunities and networking. I have a touring level commitment. And, for the love of God and all that is holy: anything but blues/country/southern-rock. Open to literally any other genre.

About me: I'm a bassist through and through. Been playing since early teens, so I've got 20 years under my belt. Studied theory back in middle school through college. My first pro band was with [Now Soon Nowhere], did a couple mini tours and albums with them 15 to 10 years ago. I've since subbed into friends' and associates' bands when they were down a bassist. Mostly partook in the metal and prog scene, but have also played in cover bands and a country act. Was on a few year hiatus while down in TX for (non-music) work, but have the flame lit for focusing on gigging again.

Write me on here, I'm friendly enough. Or, you can get at me on the googs. tycenzo aht jeemail dots cahm. (seriously, you suck, bandmix, with this paywall). Happy to provide samples upon request.

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1) Lift right arm
2) Cup left hand
3) Place left hand in right armpit
4) Drop right arm with haste

(Okay, seriously, I don't believe our influences should define us as musicians, so I'll just repeat what others have said of my playing style)

"Something like Herbie Hancock went gay with Chris Squire, before the era when they had the Jaco Pastorius affair. But, certainly after that time Trevor Dunn slapped Flea in the face with a fish at that one knife fight that broke out at the wine festival, you know, that one where Ryan Martinie was upset over Roger Waters screaming at the top of his lungs that 'Paul died in sixty-six!' Good thing Devin Townsend captured it on his iPhone, because Les Claypool didn't believe this all happened while he was attending Lance Dirk's pizza party, celebrating that time John Cage actually recorded something...for once. Too bad John Zorn and Danny Elfman missed that banger, I can't believe they chose go-karting with Rob Zombie over THAT...I'm sure they had fun though. To be fair, I would've chose go-karting, too. Nobuo Uematsu sent me an email all about it, said he had a blast."
-Igor Stravinsky

*** Disclaimer, above quote may have some inaccuracies ***

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Carvin 5-String Custom Bass
Ampeg Amplifiers
Gallien Krueger Cabinets
Rocktron and Electro-Harmonix Effects