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Lead Guitar, Drums, Keyboard.


I am a pro level musician of 22 years looking to gather the right members to form a full visual and sonic tribute to Type O Negative. I have the part of Peter covered. But I need the supporting cast. Especially the part of Josh Silver which I expect a difficult time finding a keyboardist to recreate what Josh does.
What I am looking to do is put this together and play some NYS shows to refine the product. Then consider taking it to a larger market such as New England area and down the east coast.
This is a tribute band so not only playing your parts correctly is a concern but your stage appearance, gear, ect is a concern. This includes gear appearances ect. specific to Type O. This means your not going to be walking onstage with a blue ibanez Rg570 and blue jeans and a t shirt such as some of these atrocities that call themselves tribute bands do with no regards to the actual band they are attempting to pay homage to. If you dont believe it, the fans arent going to believe it either.
I am looking for pro level players. Not kids that have been practicing in their bedroom for a year. I dont care how old you are as long as you meet the requirements.
This is to be a professional endeavor. I will not tolerate a**holes, rock stars, drunks, or drug users.

I dont expect to find everyone in one place. If the people are committed enough we will make it work. If your in the Syracuse, Rochester, Cortland, Ithaca or Binghamton area or any area you dont mind driving to an agreed central rehearsal location from then:

Send your name and contact info and any other info you wish to include about yourself to : type_o_tribute at y.a.h.o.o. dot com

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Type O Negative

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seeking guitarist, drummer, keys


professional quality gear please. If you dont have the means to get the correct gear needed then you probably arent ready for this project.