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Took lessons in Piano for awhile. Brushing up on my skills. I've played the drumset for four years (took lessons for 3) and three years ago took up Doumbek, Djembe, Bass, and Taiko and other hand/stick combination drums. I can read music and if somebody gives me a time signature I can just play along with a following beat. I've played in Christian church bands, recorded drum tracks for solo artists and friends, and play hand drums in drum circles or at parties. I love little more though than the feeling of playing in a band.

I enjoy listening to and like to play all kinds of music, however my favorite type of music is Atmospheric and ambient music. Specifically enjoy Jazz, Blues, ambient electronic pop (M83, Banks, LOL), and atmospheric Metal (Isis, Callisto, Burzum, Mouth of the Architect, etc.)

Currently I play drums for a christian church praise band.

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Primarily 60s-90s rock and metal, Sludge/Doom and modern scandinavian folk/black metal. When I took up the drumkit I was only listening to the above and my teacher insisted that I learn the drums through other styles. He was right and it's expanded my taste and proficiency in various styles of music. I could cite anything from Pantera to Paramore as an influence.


My Piano is a Whitney that was given to my mother and gifted to me for practicing with.

My drumset is a cheap-*** Radical 5-piece kit (bass drum, two toms, floor tom, snare), Zildjian 22-inch ride, Planet Z 14-inch hi-hats, and a Paiste 17-inch Alpha Crash. Some Gibraltar double-bass pedal and a stool. ^_^ I use Vic Firth 2B sticks because they don't break easily and I tend to destroy a pair of 5A's in about two weeks.

I have a Meinl-brand aluminum doumbek and several african and indian djembe and doumbek drums given to me as gifts.

Chances are if someone hands me any percussion to play I can learn to play it pretty fast.