Ultra Pop Sexy


Bass Guitar, Drums.


Buttload of d.i.y. recorded material waiting to be played by the right power trio. Open C tuning, mostly. Costumes should happen. Psychedelic-noise-nonsense jams should definitely happen ;) You can also bring your own creative material to the table if it fits the vibe. You need only minimal equipment for now while the music is still basic and raw, but eventually we'll grow creatively, write as a group and experiment with new styles on descent gear.
P.S. - lyrics get ugly sometimes - please steer clear if easily triggered

I need:

- pick-style bassist but also willing to explore different styles
(finger-syle, slap-pop, slop-style, finger-pop)
- sing backup vocals (gang-vocals for sure and harmonies if possible)
- I might just bump into you a bunch, so learn to dance
- I might unplug you too, maybe on-purpose even, but keep playing and look cool
- also, spit fights must occur (frequency negotiable)
ok you can plug back in if you want

a. keep solid time and be willing to explore many different styles
C. be able to play on a minimal kit or random practice-studio kits, at least for starters (plus I have a sample-pad with odd sounds to mess around on)
2. I might throw stuff at your kit too
thr3e - it'll probably be just my guitars tho so relax and throw something back ;)
# - stop being so drunk

write me: davorcore at geemale dot kom

Stay tuned, more songs will be uploaded. Buttloads.

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so far... myself... the singer/guitarist