Rhythm Guitar.


Planning Fall 2023 Tour

Usadown is a Noise Rock Band. Co-Founder’s of love666 on Amphetamine Reptile Records (AmRep).

We are looking for a Female Ryhthm Guitarist. Your sole purpose will be to play Rhythm Guitar and sing background vocals.

Even though all of the songs are written for our first lp, we would certainly like you to be a part of our second lp. If you decide to join the band you will be considered an equal member from the start.

The band is Ryhthm Guitar - Drums - Lead Noise Guitarist

We are heavily influenced by FreeJazz. Watch Jimi Hendrix at the Monterey Pop Festival the last song of the set "Wild Thing" when he sets his guitar on fire, that's the type of Noise/Feedback we incorporate into our songs.

We have a lot of touring and label experience. If you are new to the game no problem. By the end of the first tour you will know how the music business operates and you can run the 2nd one.

Contact: freenoise666
Contact: usadown23

Screen name:
Member since:
Nov 29 2014
Active within 1 week
Level of commitment:
Years together:
Gigs played:
Over 100
Tend to practice:
More than 3 times per week
Available to gig:
6-7 nights a week
90 years


Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Dylan, Sun Ra, Pharaoh Sanders, Coltrane, Miles, Free Jazz

Members Of Band

Joe Johnson - Lead & Noise Guitar - Lead Vocals
Angel X - Drums - Background Vocals


Drummer: Advanced

Drum Tour Gear:

Slingerland Radio King Black Pearl Drum Set:
Bass Drum 14x26
Rack Tom 10x14
Floor Tom 16x18
Slingerland Sound King Black Pearl Drums:
Bass Drum 14x24
Floor Tom 18x20
Ludwig LM402 Supraphonic 14x6.5
Slingerland Gene Krupa Chrome Snare 14x6.5
Humes & Berg Drum Seeker Cases

Paiste 2002 16" PST X Swiss Thin Crash Cymbal
Paiste 2002 17" Thin Crash –1107 grams
Paiste 2002 18" Thin Crash - 1336 grams
Paiste 2002 18” Medium Crash – 1565 grams
Paiste 2002 20” Medium Crash - 2008 grams
Paiste Sound Edge 15" Hi-Hats

Additional Cases:
ATA Trap Case w/24" Cymbal Slot
SKB Hardshell Stand Case w/Wheels

Cymbal & Hi-Hat Stands, Bass Drum Pedals, Drum Thrones, etc.

Yamaha Powered Drum Monitors:
Yamaha DXR 12”
Yamaha DSX 15” Sub

Drum Mics:
Shure SM 57's
Sennheiser e 604 3-pack Cardioid Dynamic Drum Mics
Rode M5 Small-diaphragm Condenser Mics - Matched Pair
Rode M3 Cardioid Condenser Microphone
All mic stands & cables

Drum Momitors Rack Case:
16 U 12” Deep ATA Shock Mount Rack Case
Furman PL-Pro DMC 15 Amp Power Conditioner 1U - (3x)
Behringer Eurorack Pro RX1202FX Rackmount Mixer
Behringer Feedback Destroyer
Behringer MULTICOM PRO-XL MDX4600 V2 – Limiter Gate
Whirlwind MultiDirector 4-channel Passive Direct Boxes (2x)
25ft 12 Gauge Extension Cord (3x)

Rack Case for Guitar Amps & Pedals:
4U Rack
Furman PL-Pro DMC 15 Amp Power Conditioner 1U
25ft 12 Gauge Extension Cord

Fender Strats (2x)

Guitar Amp:
Marshall 70s' 50 watt head
Marshall 4x12 solid wood cabinet

Noise Amp:
Orange Crush 35RT 35 watt combo amp