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Vendetta classic rock band 2019. The current line-up has been together less than a year, but the prior band that Vendetta evolved from had been together about 12 years.

I'm the drummer/manager of Vendetta, a very accomplished classic rock band that's been playing in the south bay and Cerritos area quite a bit this summer. The players are all top notch, i.e., great players except me (I'm pretty good). We had a fantastic keyboardist named Kevin Shaffer for the last few months but he's had to drop out for personal reasons. I can direct you to some recordings/vidoes where you can hear/see Kevin and us performing. We play some pretty challenging material: Foreplay-Longtime, Lazy, Highway Star, Hush, Carry on My Wayward Son, Hold the Line, Kashmir, Wanton Song, Stairway to Heaven, Jump, Barracuda, Alone, All My Love (Zeppelin), and other songs by these same above-named bands as well as songs by Yes, Journey, Foreigner, Tom Petty, Doobie Bros., Prince, Beatles, Santana, Bryan Adams, Aerosmith, Starship, Billy Squire, John Waite, Babys, SRV, Cream, Grand Funk, Bowie, and others. Frankly, we'd love to find someone who's really good who approaches Kevin's level. I'm in RPV, our female lead vocalist is in Irvine, guitarist and bassist are in Van Nuys and Pasadena. Our cover pic is of Kevin. You certainly don't need 4 keyboards like he used, but he put them all to good use. In addition to playing with us, he also played with a Yes/ELP tribute. Besides being talented musicians everyone else is a good person and we all like playing together. If this interests you at all give me a call. Cell is (310) 308-9751. thx Ray

Vendetta is a five-piece classic rock band (lead singer, guitar/vocals, keyboards (that's YOU...hopefully backing vocals but if you don't sing it's not a deal breaker), bass and drums). Our members have toured/recorded/performed with some big time bands/players, i.e, The Jacksons, and members of Yes, Fleetwood Mac, Chuck Mangione, Canned Heat, and Iron Butterfly to name a few.

Check this video of Kevin and Vendetta at a July show:

Personally, outside of Vendetta I'm interested in forming/joining a tribute band for: Robin Trower, Rainbow, Montrose, or ZZ Top too.

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Vendetta Classic Rock Band
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Jan 19 2019
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64 years


As mentioned above, everything from Zeppelin, Boston, Van Halen, Toto, Kansas, Foreigner, Deep Purple, Journey, Starship, Doors, Santana, Beatles, Steppenwolf, Tom Petty, Bad Company, Doobie Bros., Cars, Aerosmith, Grand Funk, Prince, Billy Squire, Babys, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Bryan Adams, Cream, and many more bands.

Members Of Band

Maria Christian - lead vocals
Pete Matsuko - lead guitar
keys - you hopefully!
Matt Bragg - bass
Ray McKown - drums
Our members live in Pasadena, Van Nuys, Palos Verdes, and Irvine.


We are all pros and have equipment to match.

Once we have our material down, we seldom rehearse, but it depends.

This summer we have played 4 or 5 times a month, but depending on you and the band preferences we might play out less during the upcoming months.