Vince Gallo


On drums, I play Metal, Punk, Psychobilly, Rockability, Contemporary rock, Alternative rock, Basically anything with a fast tempo. Quiet and slow I enjoy much less. My kit is currently set up for speed and options., with a low, flatter profile. I'm not much into big, flashy kit arrangement. I'd rather spend some time and effort on showmanship to go with some awesome, quality music.

On bass guitar, I like pretty much anything that lets me reach to the edges of the pocket, and sometimes, i like to blur the lines between melody, harmony, and counter-melody. I love Ionian and major scale mixes. Pentatonic scales are fun, but can be a bit of a chore at times. Still fun, though!
Please note: I play bass guitar. Not bass. If you never want to hear a 3 part string harmony in a quiet, mellow part of a song, we probly won't get along too good. In the choruses I bring thunder.

Personality: I'm a pretty obscene individual. I say fu*k a lot. I say a lot of other offensive and/or disgusting things, as well. I like to offend people that are easily offended, because they irritate me, and I want them to leave me alone. I enjoy discussions that that traverse the darker, more disturbing side of life, and I also enjoy comparing historical ideas against modern developments in our world. Politically, I'm fairly opinionated, but I'm not fond of mixing political messages with music. Cultural messages are OK, especially if they are funny/disgusting, and point out disgusting habits in band members' lives, and/or the lives of others.

Bottom line, I'm an asshole, but I like to have fun with it.

Drug/Alcohol use: I'm okay with your drug/alcohol use, as long as it doesn't affect your live performance in a negative way, and doesn't prevent you from contributing to rehearsals, writing, and shows.

As far as alcohol goes, I like to loosen up with 2-4 shots of high-performance alcohol before a show. No more until after.

During rehearsals, I like to warm up with something improvisational. I feel it helps the band gel together better, and helps with the instrumental writing. It enhances the band's ability to predict what eachother are doing next, and to help the creative process move forward at a more productive rate.
I also like to have a bit of structure, but not TOO much...Being in a band is supposed to be fun, not about duty, honor, and country.

Last thing: The most important thing, for me, is to let the music tell me what to donow, and what to do next. If you listen, and keep your mouth shut, each song will let you know what it expects of you. It will tell you to slow down, speed, re-arrange the chord progression, play slower, faster, louder and quieter. The song will let you know what it needs from the musician. To me, the song is all. It's that moment in time where all of your energy is bent towards one thing: The perfect song.

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Vince Gallo
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Dec 09 2006
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Very Committed
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Over 100
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More than 3 times per week
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4-5 nights a week
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(on drums)
Keith Moon, Mickey D, Matt Kelly, Sheila E, Matt Walker, Dave Grohl

(on Bass)
Cliff, Geezer Butler, Roger Waters, Bill Gould, Steve Harris, Flea, John Myung, Les Claypool, Vic wooten, John Entwistle, Jaco Pastorius.

Instrument experience:




Tama Imperial Star 5 piece. w/ 12" and 14" rack toms, 18" floor tom, 22" kick drum, 14" by 6.5" snare,
Toms are wearing Evans Onyx heads, Snare is wearing Evans Extra dry, Crisp snare head. Kick drum is wearing Evans EMAD II on the batter side, and and the Evans EMAD III on the reso side.

14" Paiste Signature series Sound Edge Hi hat.
20" Piste 2002 stage crash
16" Wu Han dry china
18" Wu Han china
16" Sabian AAX crash
7" Sabian Alu Bell
20" Sabian B8 ride
Pearl Ash tone Block
DW5000 Kick Pedals
Kickport on Resonator head
Custom control ring on Kick Drum batter head.

Bass Guitar:

Schechter Stiletto Studio 6, medium gauge strings.
Ashdown MAG 300 Head
Ashdown MAG 210 H extra deep cab
Ashdown MAG 115 extra deep cab
Ashdown Overdrive pedal
Dunlop Crybaby Bass Wah.