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Please press play on my songs to hear some of my work, and if you like it, let's collaborate, yeah? :)

my name is Vincent
and I make classical music,
I am also a songwriter and I am writing a musical, a screenplay movie script to make an animated series of books and movies to sell character merchandise and pay the bills, buy a couple of nice houses for my friends and Family, and myself.
If you're my friend, then a brand new house for you as well.

I'm looking for singers and musicians to make an album with.
If we collaborate and make some good songs, then we can go viral and make a fortune together.
If we try our best, we can do anything we set our minds too.

The main kind of song that goes viral is any genre of dance song, because DJs play those at Clubs and parties, so a lot of people end up hearing those songs, and also TikTok dancers dance to dance songs, so if our dance song goes viral on TikTok, then it will become a hit song.

So we have to study and figure out how to make our song go viral on TikTok.
Step 1 make a dance song, any song from any genre can become a dance song if you simply speed it up to over 88 BPM, and add a catchy drum sequence and catchy bass, and catchy melody.

I can take any lyrics from any song and turn them into a dance song, I'm not going to do that, I'm just saying if I can turn any lyrics from any song into a dance song, then any song you make can be remixed into a dance song by simply speeding up the tempo.

Our income revenue would come from DistroKid, Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, YouTube views,
and of course Album sales and Royalties, if our songs are played in Movies, TV Shows, video games, and commercials, especially a Superbowl commercial, oh and of course most of our money, profits will come from selling merchandise, which is clothing with our logos and art designs.

What kind of music do I like?
I grew up listening to hip hop and pop music, but I tend to make instrumental music that sounds like abstract classical music, with hip hop drum groves.

But as time past I grew up and my taste in music also evolved, so now I listen to pretty much every main genre
here is a list of the music I listen to,

Classical music
Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, etc
Music from the 70s, 80s, 90s
Pop Rock
Hip Hop
Synth Pop
Middle Eastern
R&B, soul
Freestyle 80s
breakdance music
Epic Cinematic music
etc, the list goes on

The point is whatever genre you are into
I can meet you halfways and make music in the genre you like most, and we can also remix any song you make into a dance song for commercial purposes to profit as soon as possible, by giving this generation what they want, which is dance music for clubs and parties and TikTok.

I'll be honest, I hate TikTok as much as you, but this is business, we have to make money to pay the bills, so some compromises must be made so that we can make money from home and make music as much as we want and not have to worry about money ever again.

Now that you know where I am coming from, I am looking for singers, song writers, and music producers to collaborate with.

I am not stuck on 1 single genre, I will adapt to whatever genre you would like to collaborate on. I say that because whatever music I have made in the past by myself doesn't indicate or determine the kind of music I will make in the future with you, the way we compose music is an evolutionary process, it's adapting and upgrading overtime, what I'm saying is that what I have done doesn't limit what I can do. I can try harder and do better with you then I have on my own in the past.

What do I have to offer you?
I figured out a couple of formulas for writing better song lyrics, and I think I'm pretty good at rhyming.

Can we write a song together?
I think that would be awesome and a lot of fun.

And a very productive and educational experience, for both of us.

I can show you the song writing formulas that I know and you can show me any tips that you know, and we can exchange valuable information, and improve our song writing skills, to further advance our careers.

I would be sending you links to video tutorials and I would write commentary and give you my opinion on the topics and what we can do to improve our music using the information we just learned.

You have to be able to take constructive criticism and also tell me how to improve my music, the truth hurts sometimes but I would appreciate it because I want to improve and get better as soon as possible, and 2 minds are better than 1, there is no I in TEAM work.

My goal is to write a masterpiece, and make millions of dollars off of merchandise, and use that money to help the poor.

They say it's not about money, but I make music for fun because I enjoy doing it, the money is just a side effect of doing something that I love.
I would make music even if I didn't get paid, but our time is valuable and we should get paid for our time studying, effort practicing, a hard work writing and composing our songs.

I was trained by 2Pac how to rhyme. I can show you some of my song poems in text, if you want to see my rhyming skill level.
The cool things is that rhyming applies to all genres, not just hip hop.

I say that because some people read my lyrics and they automatically think, "This is a rap song"

I say, it could be, but if you sing it, it can be lyrics to any genre you want, it all depends on the way you perform the lyrics, and the genre of the instrumental.

I love Celtic music and Renaissance, classical pop.
But I am constantly jumping from genre to genre in my playlist.

But anyhow, as you can tell I write a lot, and I am all about education and keeping things professional.

I can get philosophical but you should say
"Vincent let's focus on music because we have to pay the bills."
and I will get back on track.
As a team we have to keep each other in line in the sense that we have to encourage each other to stay productive, not procrastinate, but instead always stay focused on completing projects, because the sooner we finish songs, the sooner we get paid.

If you collaborate with me, it will be a productive learning expression, with the goal to succeed financially all the while we have a lot of fun making beautiful gorgeous music together.

You reach me
I teach you
we both do our part
we both profit 50/50 if we both do half the work on the song.

we keep things 100% fair
everyone goes home happy with our deals.

everything copyrighted done legitimately so there are never any hard feelings, all deals written down on paper.

You get paid for the amount of work you put into the song, if you made 60% of the song, then you should get 60% of the profit.

we have to set up a chart that determines what percentage each section of the song is.

How much of the song is
The lyrics
The vocals
The melody
The chords
The drums
The bass
The solo
The song arrangement
The mixing and mastering

Who gets paid how much for what contribution we did to make the song.

It should be depending on how many hours we put into the song, but then there is the whole question of talent, should a more talented or more skilled person get paid more, or are we splitting profit just by the hours you put in out of your day to make the song like a 9 to 5.

and whatever we agree upon, we have to stick by it.
no lawsuits, that's why we settle this at the beginning out of court by filing copyrighting everything legitimately.

every song we make is a new deal, so whatever percentage deal you agree on the first song doesn't apply to every song will will ever make together, because some songs will be made more by 1 person than the other, which means the 2nd person is featured on the song, making a smaller contribution, we will be fair honest and realistic, but most importantly FAIR. we have to do good honest business, because that is how we will continue to profit, if everyone is happy with their piece of the pie $%

I know this message is long, I am sorry
but I hope it clarified some things.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope you have a productive day, and I look forward to hearing from you and collaborating and making good songs with you.

Sincerely your new friend,
music producer, band member,
and business partner Vincent.

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Every genre and every singer
Oh and Max Martin of course.

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Piano keyboard, microphone, audio interface, guitars acoustic and electric, and Computer, and a lot of music production software.